How to look on one million

How to look on one million

look excellent, the huge amount of time or money is not necessary at all - it is rather simple to know several tricks, simple rules and to show sharpness to save time - most often mad rhythm of life does not allow to look to us on all hundred!


  1. First, as soon as you have woken up, it is worth wiping face with ice cube. This simple procedure which will take no more than a half of minutes of your time is called kriosmassazh. Cryomassage improves complexion, giving to your cheeks gentle natural flush and also remarkably narrows pores, improves blood circulation and reduces bags under eyes. You can prepare various cosmetic ice: from infusions of herbs, green tea or with addition of fresh juice of fruit and berries.
  2. Surely take contrast shower, it is better with fragrant and the saturated moisturizing or nutritious gels. They will lighten the mood and also will save from need to apply lotion as comprise enough looking after components. Thus, you save precious morning time again!
  3. Pick up hairstyle which does not demand long-term laying every morning, or style hair most attractively and naturally - after washing, for example, it is possible to keep natural waviness, having sprinkled hair spray with effect of gloss and easy fixing.
  4. If you often are late and you catastrophically do not have time for picking up clothes, always have several things which it is possible to put on anyway lives in the case. White cotton t-shirt, black or blue classical jeans, monophonic pullover - all these things can be added with stylish and noble accessories or hours.
  5. Look after lips - surprisingly, but the 30th second massage of lips soft brush with drop of nutritious means is quite enough to give them brightness and smoothness for all day! Try also massage by small amount of the honey better candied - it is remarkable srub and nutritious means. Lips will gain smoothness, flatness and plumpness due to blood circulation improvement. After massage and in general throughout the day do not forget to apply hygienic lipstick or light balm with effect of gloss - so you will look is well-groomed and fresh.
  6. Behind teeth careful leaving is necessary. It is desirable to clean them after each meal as no chewing gum gives to breath of such freshness as careful cleaning and rinsing of teeth special balm. Also twice a day surely use flossy - it will remove the remains of food and microbes between teeth, and your smile will be perfect.
  7. Pick up light perfume for every day. Scientists have proved that those people from whom the pleasant aroma proceeds seem to us much more attractive and fine.
  8. Well and finally two not so expensive and pleasant ways to look fine: drink not less than 8 glasses of water a day (it expels toxins, fills with energy and also perfectly affects skin) and by all means get enough sleep as only during sleep skin has chance to be restored and look magnificent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team