How to make calendula tincture from pimples

How to make calendula tincture from pimples

Calendula tincture well helps with treatment of pimples of a different type – from red inflammations before purulent hypodermic formations. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of plant make him the excellent cosmetologist. Tincture can be bought in drugstore or to make independently.

It is required to you

  • - calendula flowers;
  • - vodka;
  • - ready tincture of calendula (pharmaceutical);
  • - camphoric alcohol;
  • - liquid ammonia;
  • - vaseline;
  • - levomitsetin and aspirin in tablets.


1. Anti-inflammatory properties of calendula help to get rid of pimples pretty fast. At the same time there is no spot left and hems after disappearance of pimple. It occurs because the calendula has also the regenerating properties. They also help to drag on quicker to the wounds which have remained after pimples. Tincture on the basis of calendula strengthens inflow of blood to the site of skin struck with inflammation, as a result process of restoration takes place quicker. It needs to be applied on the inflamed site by means of Q-tip. If on face purulent pimples were formed, tincture of calendula is put pointwise for the night. For the morning, pus will begin to come out as the calendula will extend it.

2. One more useful property of calendula – it narrows pores. As a result grease allocations decrease, the greasy luster vanishes and pollution do not get to time. Thus, tincture of calendula is excellent prophylactic against developing of pimples. For wiping of her face it is necessary to part in half with water.

3. To make house calendula tincture, it is enough to buy in drugstore or to collect calendula flowers during blossoming. Flowers are cut off or break entirely and are dried up at the room temperature. Then 100 g which are dried up (or acquired in drugstore dry) flowers of calendula are filled in with glass of vodka, vigorously stirred up and for the night is put to the warm place. Next day medicine is removed in the fridge where it infuses about two weeks. In two weeks, ready tincture is filtered and applied in the above ways. Home-made tincture is softer pharmaceutical as tincture which is on sale in drugstore has the strength of 70%.

4. At plentiful formation of pimples it is possible to use strong means – calendula tincture with antibiotic. Add the tablets of aspirin and levomitsetin pounded in powder to self-made or pharmaceutical tincture of calendula (on three tablets of each medicine on 50 ml of tincture). Everything gets divorced water half, is carefully shaken up and used for daily wiping before disappearance of pimples.

5. For removal of pimples it is possible to prepare flowers ointment or fresh juice of calendula. For this purpose 20 g of dry flowers on the coffee grinder are ground in powder and mix up from 20 g of vaseline. Or 10 g of fresh juice of calendula mix up from 100 g of lard. You should not apply ointment at oily skin, and here it is ideal for dry.

6. The calendula tincture mixed in half with camphoric alcohol helps to get rid of teenage eels. Add 2 ml of sal ammoniac to mix (on 40 ml of mix). The structure needs to be parted with water 1:1 and to wipe places of formation of acne rash for the night.

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