How to give injections an animal

How to give injections an animal

At some diseases, an injection is an only way to alleviate suffering of an animal or even to save it from death. As a rule, the drugs injected by way of pricks are applied not one-time, and courses. Not each owner has an opportunity on 2-3 times a day to call the veterinarian on the house or to carry an animal in clinic. How to give an injection to an animal independently?

It is required to you

  • - syringe;
  • - medicine.


1. Pick up the suitable syringe. For intramuscular and subcutaneous injections it is possible to use the 1, 2, 5 or 10 ml syringes. The choice of the syringe depends on amount of the entered medicine and the animal size.

2. As a rule, injections are carried out by an animal without disinfection of an integument, but if desired, it is possible to disinfect the place of a prick alcohol, having moistened in it a napkin or vatu.

3. Gain necessary amount of medicine and record an animal. You will remove a protective cap of a needle and put it aside or clamp in a fold of a palm of the second hand. Turn the syringe a needle up and squeeze out a medicine drop to remove air.

4. Subcutaneous injection. As a rule, this injection is given in the field of withers. This results from the fact that is in the skin located along a backbone of an animal least of all nervous terminations. Accurately delay a skin fold on 1-2 cm Take the syringe so that the needle laid down on a forefinger. Moving a hand parallel to the surface of a trunk of an animal enter a needle under skin on depth of 1.5 cm. Smoothly press on the piston of the syringe and enter solution. Take a needle and put on a protective cap. Massage the place of an injection a little.

5. These injections intramuscular injektsiiobychno are given in a hip of the left or right leg of an animal. In order that the prick was painless as much as possible, muscles of a paw have to be relaxed. The cat or a little dog can be held suspended, having slightly delayed her back extremity. The big dog is recommended to be put on a floor and to slightly raise her a paw. Reliably record a leg of an animal. Take the prepared syringe with medicine and, moving a hand it is perpendicular to a body of an animal, enter a needle on 1-2 cm. Smoothly press the piston, enter medicine, take a needle and massage the place of a prick.

6. Intravenous injektsiivnutrivenny injections are given only by the veterinarian. Incorrectly carried out intravenous injection can lead to death of an animal. Exceptions make cases when it is injected in the catheter established earlier.

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