How to sew a bandage for a cat

How to sew a bandage for a cat

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when operation is necessary to keep life of your pet. It is possible in order that your pet was quickly restored and did not damage a postoperative seam, it is required to carry some time a bandage. Whether it is possible to sew it independently?

If the cat had a band operation, then in some cases the veterinarian will recommend it to the owner to buy a special postoperative bandage for an animal. Not so just can be to deal with this artful design of fabric and ties, but it is necessary to make it after all. The basic purpose of such body cloth is a prevention of hit of dirt in postoperative seams owing to which there can be their inflammation. Carrying a body cloth for a cat throughout some time with high degree of probability will allow to provide normal accretion of fabrics.

How to sew a bandage for a cat independently?To make a postoperative bandage for a cat of the average sizes by own efforts, take a cut of dense cotton fabric, it is better than light shades – on them possible pollution are more visible.

Pay attention that fabric should not be friable and "pour" - the small thread which got to a wound can provoke development of inflammatory process.

When you are engaged in a body cloth pattern, do not forget to leave allowances for a pro-line of its edges.

The bandage on a cat of the average size requires a rectangle of fabric about 27 by 28 cm, on the center of the rear edge which proceeds the valve of 8 cm in length and 10 cm width. Recede 12 cm from a first line of future body cloth and make from both of its parties cuts about 9 cm in depth everyone and 3-4 cm wide – for forepaws of an animal. Sweep off edges of preparation to prevent fabric "fall".

For fixing of a bandage on a body of a cat it is necessary to sew strongly and accurately to the received preparation of a tape. On couple of tapes fastens on both sides of a bandage closely to its first line, further – on both sides of cuts for forepaws and near the rear edge of a product. Behind on the valve on its edges sew 2 more tapes – you will tie them over a tail of an animal. The bandage has to adjoin closely to a breast and a tummy of a cat, and his tapes should be tied from above, on her back.

Necessary requirements to a body cloth for a catTapes by which the body cloth is fixed on a body of an animal should not cause it inconveniences and at the same time they should be rather strong and safe. Do not do these ties excessively long, the animal can be hooked by their ends for something and begin to panic. Ideally, they have to be made of such material that in case of emergency the animal could break off and be exempted them from a body cloth. Actually after operation a cat it is better for steam of days not to leave the first unguarded at all. So much time is usually necessary in order that she ceased to feel a bandage on the body and did not break it, risking to damage a seam and to bring in it an infection. Do not forget to change in due time a bandage – it always has to be clean. In due time process a postoperative seam as you were instructed by the veterinarian.

It is not necessary to remove completely a bandage for such processing – to untie the last couple of tapes enough and to unbend the valve.

The young and strong animal has good ability to regeneration, and seams at it begin to live very quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team