How to make hairs shiny

How to make hairs shiny

From healthy hair it is possible to do any hair, and it will look very effectively. Healthy and well-groomed hair are beautiful in itself. It is possible to strengthen hair having left off smoking.


  1. Scientists say that tobacco damages hair follicles, it is also undesirable to have instant coffee. Substances which contain in it break work of sebaceous glands. Because of it at many women the fat content of hair increases.
  2. Do not wash hair with hot water at all. It is better to use warm water, for this purpose that scales revealed and to save them from pollution. Later it is possible to use various masks and hair balms. It is necessary to rinse with cool water as it closes scales and by that does them brilliant and obedient. Daily massage of the head will improve blood circulation. You should not abuse the hair dryer, it is better to allow to dry to hair.
  3. It is necessary to show consideration for the food allowance very much. At it there have to be products enriched with proteins: chicken, fish, mushrooms. Vitamin B is very useful: buckwheat, bean, vegetables. Eat nuts more, take beer yeast. To reach natural gloss it is possible to try to rinse hair after washing of the head with the vinegar solution divorced with water or to hair beer.
  4. To achieve hair shine optional it is spent for expensive means. You also can make mask in house conditions. Very favorably broths of nettle and burdock affect hair. Masks with almonds oil. Rub small amount of oil in hair, massage and leave for half an hour. For improvement of growth of hair, it is possible to use aloe juice. If hair do not want to shine in any way, buy spray for giving of gloss to them. They happen the most various and are very simple in application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team