Problems with alcohol at teenagers

Problems with alcohol at teenagers

Teenagers seek to plunge completely into adulthood and try to try all new including alcohol. If the child begins to drink alcohol how to be?


1. All parents need to explain all negative aspects connected with alcohol intake in advance. Explain that the organism of the child is not ready to similar loadings that can lead to poisonings and other unpleasant consequences. Still the weak organism is very susceptible to alcohol and therefore the teenager will hardly be able to control himself, his behavior becomes absolutely unpredictable and is fraught with serious offenses which then not to correct.

2. If you convicted the child of consumption of alcoholic drinks, you should not snatch with scandal, to threaten with punishment and punishments. It will cause only reciprocal aggression, the child to become angry to parents and counter to their bans will drink alcohol to spite. Better quietly talk on this subject. Tell the child about the experiences, concerning his health and safety that there is a normal reaction for parents.

3. Teenagers begin to drink at first from interest, then for a raising mood or to be forgotten and distract from the problems. Pay attention to the general behavior of the child. Perhaps, now in his life there are concerning events, the conflicts with friends, teachers in school, litter to darling, experiences concerning the appearance and other complexes. Perhaps the child is simply lonely, he to seek to gain trust in the company, not to lag behind others. Show understanding, try to support the child in any situation. Try to switch its attention to more useful occupations.

4. It is a high time to write down the child in sports section, at his choice. The sport and alcohol intake, are incompatible. Physically healthy, strong child, will feel more surely, will be able to communicate with peers more freely. Physical activity is capable to remove stress, aggression, to distract from various problems.

5. Try to approach the child. Do not push away him constant criticism and morals. Try to adjust free communication with the child, let him perceive you as the friend who can trust. It will help you to watch all the events in his life. You will notice changes in behavior of the teenager at once and will be able to come quickly to the rescue if necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team