How to dream the stranger

How to dream the stranger

If you liked the person, but hesitate to get acquainted with him, and thoughts of it do not leave, then try to dream it. For this purpose it is possible to use impact on subconsciousness or to resort to magic ceremonies and to believe in power of thought.


1. It will be difficult to dream absolutely the stranger who never saw you, and here the man with whom you are caught a glimpse on work or other circumstances, and he does not notice you, quite perhaps. For achievement of the purpose use tricks which will work on subconsciousness of the stranger, that is will draw involuntary attention to several seconds. Remember that the most part of the seen and heard information during the day, is analyzed by a brain at night and transformed to separate fragments of memory. Therefore drawing attention of the stranger in the afternoon, even on several seconds, high probability to dream it at night.

2. It is possible to pay involuntary attention to himself bright images, for example, put on contrastly, in relation to people around, or strongly brightly do a make-up. It is possible to express some accent in clothes. Use what strongly attracts red color as it influences subconsciousness in appearance and is associated with blood or danger therefore the big scarlet scarf or a red long dress will approach. The involuntary attention is drawn with a sharp sound, for example, not far from the stranger, break a mug or you will scaredly scream, having pretended that the mouse ran, you can shut the door with a bang, entering the room.

3. You can draw attention of the stranger if intrude in it, a so-called, intimate zone, that is distance it is less than 50 centimeters. For this purpose, try to pass together with the man in the elevator, or close pass from it and accidentally touch with an elbow.

4. Try to draw any attention of the unfamiliar man. If you work with it in one collective, leave, absolutely in a random way, the photo or other personal belonging, on its table. The man will surely think of the appeared subject and its owner. Unambiguously – attention to the person you will provide, it is necessary to conjure still at night.

5. According to national beliefs, it is possible to dream the unfamiliar man, having made ceremonies over water. It is considered that the water smooth surface serves as a mirror for thoughts and, reflecting them, sends images to distance to the addressee. At night, by the light of a candle, long you look at a water surface and think of this man. The power of thought repeatedly proved the action, and you will surely achieve desirable result.

6. If your desire to dream the stranger outweighs common sense, then ask for the help the professional sorcerer. Magic ceremonies and attraction of space energy, it for certain will turn your dream into reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team