How to sterilize nipples

How to sterilize nipples

Careful mom always remembers how many times it is necessary to feed the child that he slept tight and grew at happy. For achievement of this purpose each mom knows one small secret — as it is correct to sterilize nipples that the food of the kid was healthy.


1. In order to avoid misunderstanding in kitchen with ware, buy a special saucepan in which you will boil water only for sterilization of pacifiers. The aluminum or enameled ware quite will be suitable for good disinfection.

2. After the procedure of feeding lower a small bottle in the boiling water. Try to track that water got in a small bottle completely. Do not give a reason to microbes to find the place for reproduction.

3. If you are afraid that you can distract from boiling of a small bottle and it will melt in a pan, put the marlechka curtailed into several layers in a small bottle. The gauze will absorb in itself the melted mix from a pacifier, a small bottle or a dummy. Works will be less.

4. About that how many it will be required to time to sterilize nipples, it is possible to learn only with practice. Time of sterilization depends not only on a type of a small bottle or a dummy, but also on material of which they are made. And extent of pollution matters too.

5. Remember that pediatricians recommend to sterilize a pacifier every time as the child dropped it. Whenever possible, drench a pacifier with boiled water every time before giving again to the kid. Do not forget that even if you watch very carefully sterility of the house, on a floor there will always be microbes. Microbes from pacifiers, according to pediatricians, are often the reason of emergence of a dizbakterioz, diathesis and absolutely unexpected infections. Especially you watch sterility of everything that gets into the child's mouth if in the house there are animals.

6. When you go for a saucepan, find a good transparent container for storage of dummies. At night it very much can be useful to you. Deliver also for the night near a bed couple of spare sterilized small bottles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team