Cinnamon secrets

Cinnamon secrets

Cinnamon is the seasoning capable to impact unique relish and aroma to dishes, and also to fill up an organism with minerals.


1. Cinnamon is received from a small evergreen tree which grows in Asian tropics. Spice is done of tree bark which is collected during a rainy season from May to October when it is easy to remove it from a tree. The best cinnamon is considered Ceylon.

2. One of secrets of diets and healthy nutrition is cinnamon, it is good as aromatic additive and seasoning, for preparation of desserts, chocolate, liqueurs. It is added to hot meat dishes of east kitchen, to porridges and apple desserts, to hot beverages – coffee, cocoa, mulled wine, to soft summer drinks – compotes, cocktails, kissels. Cinnamon and in house conservation is irreplaceable. Application and in medicine, cosmetics, perfumery was found for cinnamon. Its oil is used in some warming ointments, spirits, and also in cold medicine. It lowers glucose level. Besides cinnamon is a prevention of many diseases and also pleasant spice. Tea with cinnamon helps at cold, improves blood circulation, disperses metabolism and is a power source for the whole day. Cinnamon has antibacterial, antimycotic and antiparasitic properties. It has a pleasant odor therefore and to use it as additive to something it is very pleasant.

3. For the best effect and achievement of ideal forms it isn't necessary to eat a bakery goods with addition of cinnamon, there are a lot of calories, will be its additions in salads or low fat meat dishes enough. It is necessary not to forget that use of spicery, seasonings in unlimited number is fraught with serious consequences. If the small pinch of cinnamon strengthens visual processes, promotes good work of a brain, then excessively high dose can cause the general breakdown, a condition of depression, headaches.

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