In what advantage of tincture from nut partitions

In what advantage of tincture from nut partitions

When cleaning nuts many choose kernels and throw out partitions. And very in vain, as it is easily possible to make infusion which will abound useful macro - and minerals of them.

In what advantage of tincture from nut partitions?

Nut partitions are rich with organic acids, alkaloids, glucosides, vitamin C. Besides, they contain a significant amount of iodine – an element which often isn't enough for people of our time. It is impossible to use nut partitions crude, of course. And it as they are rather rigid is impossible. The ideal option is to cook tincture or broth on their basis. Especially well tincture from nut partitions helps, it can be accepted at a cyst of ovaries, polyps in a rectum, chronic diarrhea, for strengthening of the immune system and a hormonal background.

At consumption of tincture within 2 months it is possible to get rid of colitis. Daily reception, for not less than 4 weeks, will allow to reduce diabetes symptoms. Improvement of the general health and decrease in level of sugar in blood will become result. Thrice daily drink of tincture within a month will allow to get rid of mastopathy – the disease resulting from violation of a hormonal background. Following recipe: take partitions of 25 nuts, fill in them with medical alcohol (100 ml), to put to the dark place for 10 days. Accept 3 times a day 20 drops.

Also tincture from partitions of walnut helps to put nervous system in order, to improve processes of metabolism in an organism, to get rid of irritability and nervousness, insomnia and even of excess weight if it is correct to accept it. Not bad she copes at the expense of the bactericidal properties with conjunctivitis (it is recommended to do lotions!) and also with chronic colitis. For this purpose it is enough to use tincture on 2-3 teaspoons a day for 2 weeks.

How to make tincture from nut partitions?

Except the way which is already specified in article, tincture of nut partitions on vodka can be made. For this purpose it is necessary to crush raw materials, to put it in number of 3 tablespoons in bank, to fill in 200 g of vodka. Mix, wait mix until partitions settle. Remove to bank to the dark place for 7 days. When the put time leaves, tincture can at once begin to be used. The number of receptions and drops calculates taking into account presence of any given disease. Usually it is 10-20 drops, 3-4 times a day. It should be noted that tincture on nut partitions is medicine. It is contraindicated at a number of diseases. Therefore before its use it is recommended to consult to the doctor!

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