What muscles at the person are the strongest

What muscles at the person are the strongest

The human body is quite difficult device consisting of the smallest cages. These cages go for creation of bones, skin, internals and fabrics, blood and, of course, muscles.

Very important mission is allocated for muscles - they help the person to move, breathe, speak, see, to work to internals. Simple words, all most important processes in the organism, including breath and blood supply, is carried out by means of muscles.

Animal force

By means of special researches it was proved that the muscular strength to a large extent depends on the area of its cross section, amount of muscle fibers, the frequency of the received nervous impulses. The muscular strength of the person the raising fact to them demonstrates weights.

Working qualities of the muscle are directly connected with its opportunity to quickly change the elasticity. At reduction of squirrels of muscles becomes very elastic, but after loading it reverts to the original state again. Gradually becoming more elastic, the muscle is capable to hold cargo, increasing the animal force.

Carefully chewing food, you help society

It is rumored that the strongest muscle of the person is language. It is very similar to the truth because language is the muscle consisting of the whole 16 muscles. And force of language consists just in word force. Actually above statement is very close from the truth! Strangely enough, but the strongest muscle on effort in the human body is the masseter located on molars which can develop effort to 75 kg. It enters into group of muscles which ensure the movement and functioning of the mandible at chewing process, and fastens to its back part. Except chewing movements, this muscle together with mimic muscles participates in the speech articulation and also in the zevaniye and the mimicry. In the course of chewing also neck muscles are involved. The masseter is intended for raising of the mandible. In the form she reminds the wrong rectangle and consists of the deep and superficial part. Both parts of the muscle on all its length to the lateral party of the mandible fasten.

Just caviar

The strongest muscle on stretching the gastrocnemius muscle which can keep weight to 130 kg is considered. "Rise on tiptoe" on one leg each healthy person and even to hold at the same time additional weight can. All this loading is undertaken by the two-headed gastrocnemius muscle located on the back surface of the shin. There is it slightly higher than the soleus muscle together with which through the Achilles tendon fastens to the heel. Its functional activity is directed first of all to the movement of foot and stabilization of the body during the walking and run.

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