How to enter acidified milk formula

How to enter acidified milk formula

Not each young mom has an opportunity to raise the child breast milk. In that case it is come to the rescue by the adapted dairy mixes. Of the growing kid children's acidified milk formulas are the most useful to an organism. But it should be noted that for safety of health of the child, acidified milk formula should be entered into a diet of the kid very carefully.


1. Any food product for the child except breast milk should be entered only from the recommendation of the attending physician of the therapist. At visit of the doctor in child care medical institution young mom should get advice about what children's acidified milk formulas are safest and are suitable for her kid. Very important at introduction of mix to consider age of the child.

2. Acidified milk formulas enter into a diet of the child in case the kid badly gains weight or it has difficulties in work of digestive tract.

3. Mixes are various on the consistence. There are dry and liquid acidified milk formulas. Liquid mixes can be used at once, and dry for a start it is necessary to part with water. At cultivation of children's mix it is recommended to use water for baby food.

4. It is impossible to feed the kid only with acidified milk formula. For safe functioning of an organism of the child it is necessary to combine the usual adapted and sour-milk mixes. It is necessary not to break functions of digestive tract and acid-base balance in the baby's organism.

5. Beginning to feed the kid with acidified milk formula, it is necessary to reveal whether is not present at the child of allergic reaction to this product. Very important at input of acidified milk formula not to do much harm to the child's organism. For this purpose for the first time the baby is given a small amount of mix and watch reaction of an organism within a day. If on a certain acidified milk formula the allergic reaction was detected in the child, it should be replaced with mix of other producer.

6. If allergic reaction did not come to light, it is necessary to increase the volume of acidified milk formula gradually every day to necessary quantity. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve mix in the water which is warmed up up to 40 degrees. A small bottle with mix carefully to stir up, check mix temperature, having dripped on a hand wrist then it is possible to feed the child. It is necessary to cook acidified milk formula according to the instruction specified on packing.

7. Important not to overfeed the kid with mix, otherwise, the kid can have frequent vomiting.

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