What can be eaten dietary for dinner at weight loss

What can be eaten dietary for dinner at weight loss

During weight loss of many interests a question: whether it is possible to have supper at a diet.

Opinions of nutritionists in this plan differ: someone says that it is not necessary to have supper in principle, others offer various useful options of this evening meal. Let's understand this question in more detail.

To have supper or not if you want to lose weight

Many mistakenly think that the basis of efficiency of disposal of excess weight consists in refusal of food after certain time (most often after six o'clock in the evening). However it not absolutely so. If your purpose is to lose extra kilos, it is better to play sports and is in the small portions, but is frequent, but not to refuse the whole meal in the form of a dinner. The correct dinner should not load strongly a stomach before going to bed therefore it has to be low-calorie and digestible.

Whether you know? The famous commander Alexander Suvorov told at the time a phrase: Eat a breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give a dinner to the enemy. These words he addressed the soldiers that they were in good shape.

What can be eaten

Excellent dietary dishes for dinner will be:

  1. Light meat (it is not important how you will prepare — to extinguish, cook it, but the main thing: not to fry on oil) — 130–150 g.
  2. Fish (it is acquired much quicker than meat and contains a set of useful substances) — 200–250 g.
  3. Squids (it is desirable to use stewed or boiled) — 250 g.
  4. Eggs (the yolk is better to leave for the morning, and here protein or omelet — a great option for your dinner as it contains huge amount of the amino acids necessary for synthesis of hormones) — 2–3 pieces.
  5. Lentil (the black version is ideal — most of all contains in it proteins and carbohydrates) — 80–100 g.
  6. Green vegetables and fruit (they low-calorie also do not demand additional processing) — 250 g.
  7. Buckwheat (in it there are not enough calories and many minerals, it is perfectly combined with vegetables) — 250–300 g.
  8. Cottage cheese (it is no more than 5% of fat content, from it it will be best of all to make baked pudding or cheesecakes) — 150–200 g.

Important! Surely you watch that your food was not only low-calorie, but also balanced. You have to receive all necessary useful substances with food.

What cannot be eaten

You should not use in the evening such products:

  1. Flour products — raise sugar level in blood and strengthen feeling of hunger.
  2. Red meat, sausages, smoked products — are difficult acquired and worsen sleep quality.
  3. Rice — in it high content of the fast carbohydrates which are badly affecting our figure.
  4. Chocolate — contains a lot of sugar and caffeine because of what problems with a dream can begin.
  5. Pickles — can cause heartburn.
  6. Sweets and fast food — in them the huge content of fast carbohydrates which will not allow you to lose weight.

What it is better to drink

The drinks given below are recommended by nutritionists because of their low caloric content and positive influence on nervous system, promoting fast falling asleep and a qualitative dream:

  • yogurt with orange;
  • cocktail from kefir with banana;
  • cherry kissel;
  • green tea with a thyme (without sugar);
  • camomile tea with a lemon (without sugar).

Options of an ideal dinner

The ideal dinner needs to be chosen proceeding from your preferences and a diet. We bring to your attention several options of an easy and useful dinner.

Low-calorie and easy

Baked pudding with spinach will be remarkable option for an easy dinner. She prepares so:

  1. To fry largely cut spinach in oil in a frying pan.
  2. To shake up two eggs with the one third part of a glass of milk.
  3. To cut hard cheese, to add it to spinach.
  4. To fill in spinach with the eggs which are shaken up with milk.
  5. To add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. To bake in an oven to readiness.

Video: How to make spinach, cottage cheese and eggs casserole


The Oat-flakes porridge will be a great option for a dinner. It contains a large amount of protein, it is useful to skin and without problems is acquired by an organism. It is possible just to weld a glass of porridge in two glasses of water, but will be much more tasty if to fill in a glass of porridge with a glass of low-fat kefir (it is necessary to make it several hours prior to the use that porridge softened). This fast and simple dish will be a great dietary dinner.

Learn whether it is possible to lose weight on porridges and also than gerkulesovy porridge is useful.


Very quickly beet light salad is cooked. For this purpose rasp the peeled boiled beet, mix in a proportion 3:1:1 with sour cream and horse-radish, decorate with couple of branches of greens — and the dinner is ready! A useful and easy dinner — an important part of your food, especially during a diet. A big variety of tasty dietary dishes will allow you not only to lose weight, but also to make it with taste.

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