Nuances of the choice of the LED lamp

Nuances of the choice of the LED lamp

LED lamps - the phenomenon rather young. The light-emitting diode in itself is the device creating optical radiation at transmission of current through it. Today such sources of lighting are considered as the most reliable and safe from the ecological point of view.

Their high profitability is considered the main advantage of LED lamps. At the correct service such lamps are capable to maintain up to 50,000 working hours. At the same time because of more low tension energy security 10 times more. In comparison - the normal bulb of Ilyich, i.e. the glow lamp, maintains work at 1,000 o'clock.

Life cycle of LED lamps can reach up to 27 years on condition of daily operation not less than 10 hours.

Of course, LEDs have also minus - it is their strong heating therefore when using such lamps it is necessary to control this parameter. Cheap power supply - here basic reason on which house owners choose LED lamps. However experts claim what is necessary is very thoughtful to approach acquisition of such lamps as they have certain distinctions considerably affecting their functionality.

Subtleties of the choice of LED lamps

The main criteria for selection of LED for lighting both the apartment or the house, and the street in house adjoining space, are 3 points: - price; - quality and reliability; - technical characteristics. Paragraph first - cost. It is necessary to consider that when you come to shop, before you there will be the whole rack with lamps of absolutely various cost: something is cheaper, something is more expensive. And in this situation it is necessary to understand very accurately the mechanism of pricing of such goods as the LED lamp. At first sight can seem that all lamps are identical - the body, wires, LEDs, the diffuser. But once you rummage in parts, and everything will become not so obvious.

By the way, the diffuser quite often in cheap models does not meet. It is desirable from such to refuse as the similar device will have lighting ability much less.

The body at bulbs expensive is cheaper made of different materials. The simplest model is in most cases used. lavny minus of such lamps is that they enough annoyingly I act approximately even if not to look at the lamp directly. Therefore it is worth paying attention to models which body is made of reliable materials, especially for this lamp and any another (all such information is usually specified on the label). Of course, the main part of cost - about 80% of the price of bulb - occupy LEDs. From there is conclusion: the LED which is used in this type of the lamp is more qualitative and more reliable, the it is more expensive. What on shelves of shops costs cheaper is nothing else as the Chinese production. Such lamps are less reliable also not the fact that they will smoothly work. The best price of reliable LED today - 4-5 thousand rubles (depends on the power and quantity of the used LEDs). Unimportant parts in the lamp of this kind do not happen. Therefore very important also to look at energy source. Low-quality or weak energy source leads to fast failure of the device and, respectively, the thrown-out quite big money. It is possible to check quality of energy source of the LED lamp, having checked documentation for it (the seller is obliged to provide papers according to the first requirement). If the producer to nobody unknown brand, whether it be Chinese, American, Indonesian, etc., as such lamp most likely is sure even it. Important parameter when checking energy source is the coefficient of pulsations. So, it has to be not less than 10%. If before you the device which consumes 25 Watts and at the same time gives coefficient of pulsations - 0, such device low-quality. Even if on it there are corresponding papers - most likely they are simply bought.

It is natural that such parameter as source of pulsations is checked only by experts and only industrially. Therefore the buyer needs only to be trusted (it is desirable for the reliable and checked producer).

The second point which is important nuance when choosing the LED lamp is its reliability and quality. First of all you look at resource. Its running start can be huge - from 30,000 to 100,000 hours. The final digit is result of addition of several important parameters: resource of LEDs, energy source and availability of the diffuser. The maximum resource is provided by those lamps which are made by the known and proved brands. In this case decrease in efficiency of lamp in 100,000 hours will be no more, than for 25%. As for energy source, it is necessary only to trust the producer here. Again, if you choose brand which in the market exists not one decade and has well proved (better if it possesses world name), it will be your guarantee of reliability of energy source of this lamp. As option, it is possible to check online, driving in technical characteristics on certain websites. But, first, nobody will allow to take you lamp home for check without payment. Secondly, this procedure is quite labor-consuming and unjustified. The diffuser also has the reefs. So, for example, if it is made not of lighting polycarbonate, there is risk that it will just dim in about 3-4 years, and its svetopropuskny ability noticeably will decrease. Attentively study also such point as technical characteristics. They, as a rule, are stated on boxes with lamps or in catalogs of producers. Technical characteristics are understood as luminous flux, return and power consumption (this indicator provides power saving). Often the digit specified on packing tells about the total power of the lamp, but not one LED as producers try to provide it. Consider that normal consumption of 67-75 lm/Tue.

Types of LED lamps

LED lamps are divided into street, production and household. They differ from each other with light which is radiated by LEDs. Street lamps usually radiate white light. They are usually used for lighting of roads, parks and different architectural buildings. Their main minus that they have no replaceable lamp. Lamps for offices also radiate white light. They are applied to illumination of objects of housing-and-municipal assignment and production facilities. They also have no replaceable elements and they practically do not need service. Household LED lamps have yellow light and low power. Their distinctive feature - original exterior. Pay attention that on individual packing have to be printed the article, trademark, the barcode. The box has to be sound and made their good quality cardboard.

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