How to make the house safe

How to make the house safe

Houses of each of us not less dangers, than on the street trap. But be not frightened. It can make the house safe to everyone. The main thing to approach the solution of this problem in a complex.


1. Examine all sockets in the apartment. Whether there are no chips on their body, flow traces? Whether you noticed that the devices which are switched on in them work with interruptions, are disconnected at change of provision of fork? Whether they heat up, including when in them nothing is included? Small sparking at the time of turning on of the device in network sign of fault is not, but that is the sparking continuing during its work. If you have found fault of the socket, repair it. It is worth undertaking implementation of this operation by own efforts only in case you have the corresponding qualification and if is not present, call the electrician. Work nobody energized.

2. Having found gas leak, do not count on the forces at all. Address to service of gas. Open in kitchen of window, do not use naked flame, do not include and do not switch off any loadings, do not use even that equipment which is powered from batteries. On carry out the expert's call by the cell phone from entrance.

3. Pay much attention to hygiene of the dwelling. Regularly air it, but do not arrange at the same time drafts at all. In the presence of children air the apartment when they walk. Install the air purifier, but at the same time do not neglect also cleaning - as damp, and by means of the vacuum cleaner.

4. Install security system to the apartment. Learn it to use and train in it children. Also accustom them not to open door for strangers and always to look in peephole. Also teach them to anybody to tell home address and phone, including, on the Internet. 14 years are more senior than teenagers accustom not to disclose also passport data.

5. Your own safety depends on the correct behavior of children of the house as them, and. Hide from them matches and lighters. If your child learns to prepare, to warm food, be present at the same time at least at the beginning. Allow it to prepare and to heat food independently only when you are completely sure that it will follow safety rules.

6. If at you the son grows, sooner or later he will want to learn to use tools. Do not interfere with it, however, take training under the control. Do not allow it to use those from tools which it will not hold in hands - wait until it grows up.

7. Dangers can trap also in the bathroom. Main of them - slippery bottom of bathtub. Never wash in alcohol intoxication, and do not make in bathtub of sharp movements at all.

8. You do not smoke in bed, and do not accustom children to this addiction in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team