How to pump up muscles without exercises

How to pump up muscles without exercises

The beautiful rolled body. Something in it is. Something fine. But on exercises there is no time, either desire, or still some reasons disturb the campaign to the gym.


1. Run on the street. Perhaps, you thought that it is possible to achieve some considerable result in inflating of muscles lying on the sofa. However exercise machines from TV shops which promise the excellent press and bicepses in 5 minutes a day are the myth. More precisely, maybe, you also receive some result, but hardly the people advertizing these goods for the figure were pumped up only thanks to these wonderful inventions. The lack of exercises doesn't cancel the mobile lifestyle in principle. Run, ride the bike, skis, swim in the pool. All this is much more interesting, than more usually than exercise with iron or exercise machines. Of the circle of the field, forest, the city panorama - and you is proud you move in the middle of all this, pumping up at the same time muscles. However you shouldn't hope that to you Schwarzenegger's muscles by means of playing basketball will come. Of course, you will exercise some certain muscle, and your body will be in the constant tone, but in 45 cm it is worth forgetting about the biceps.

2. You remember regularity. That you had some more or less significant result in inflating of muscles, it is worth doing the fallen in love sport regularly. Also it is desirable to be engaged in different types that all types of muscles were involved. It means that if on Monday at you soccer, then on Wednesday – the pool, and on Friday – the campaign on the rock climbing wall.

3. Eat properly. Even if you decided to refuse iron, it doesn't mean that you need to refuse the sports diet as muscles need all the same to grow. Eat proteinaceous products, for example, meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese. Lean on carbohydrates, such as rice, buckwheat, potatoes. Don't forget about vitamins (fruit, vegetables). Also nutritional supplements won't prevent. Certainly, we don't count "chemistry", but vitamin and mineral complexes, hondro- and cardioprotectors won't prevent. It is also possible to pour in himself in the additional portion of protein by means of protein cocktails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team