How to do compress on breast

How to do compress on breast

Each woman aims at that her breast looked faultlessly. And if for some quite enough effective underwear or blouses of certain cut, then others want to make more radical changes to the appearance. But you do not hurry to lay down under knife or to pay huge money for painful and doubtful procedures in beauty shops. The breast can be increased by means of contrast compresses.

  • Sea salt, towels, the ice, two containers for water moisturizing massage cream, hours with second hand.

1. Prepare all necessary. In one capacity pour very hot water and dissolve in it sea salt, fill other capacity with ice and fill in cold water there. Put in everyone on towel, previously having put them so that it was convenient to impose on breast. Sit down conveniently and take care of that during procedure water has not got on clothes or surrounding objects. It is the best of all to be engaged in imposing of compresses in the bathroom. Put clock nearby with second hand that it was possible to note time of each compress.

2. Begin with hot compress. Warm water helps to open skin pores, does fabrics more plastic and susceptible to nutritious and mineral substances. And the sea salt dissolved in this water purifies skin and promotes relaxation of muscles. Duration of hot compress – 30 seconds. After hot compress impose cold on breast. Its duration twice longer – 1 minute. Wrap breast towel so that it has been completely closed. For one procedure it is necessary to make 10 hot and 10 cold compresses. Surely begin with hot, and finish cold. Only such sequence gives effect.

3. After you make the last compress, skin needs to be wiped dry soft towel and to apply on it cream layer. If you want to achieve increase in breast, it is possible to apply the special cream promoting increase in volume. After compress the effect of its substances will be most effective. It is possible to be limited to the usual nutritious or moisturizing cream. Apply it with easy massage movements and accurately rub in skin. After compression influence very good effect renders massage of breast therefore you can combine business with pleasure and massage breast within 5-10 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team