How to make lips gentle

How to make lips gentle

During the autumn and spring period of shortage of vitamins many face problem of the cracked and shelled lips. Fortunately, there are secrets allowing to avoid it.


1. As well as always, the first and main recommendation - maintain water balance at the necessary level. Any, even the best balm is not able to eliminate dehydration symptoms. Begin to drink 2 liters of water a day - it has to help.

2. Select gigiyenichka in compliance with problem. At strongly drying lips you should look for beeswax and various oils in structure and to generously apply lipstick before going to bed. If you want to get rid of wrinkles on lips, look for vitamin E. If you suffer from irritation of lips, choose balm with vitamins C and B12, conducted aloe also jojoba oil. If you gather in holiday, give preference to gigiyenichka with the SPF filter, it will protect your lips from harmful effects of ultraviolet.

3. Use balm as often as there is a wish. There is opinion that frequent use of hygienic lipstick can lead to the fact that epidermis will get used and will dry all the time. Actually, it is the myth though eternally drying lips can signal about absolutely other problems, for example, some chronic diseases. For the rest making is constant to moisten lips it is possible to charge to the overdried air in rooms.

4. Do not use face cream instead of lip balm. Lips need protection a little other sort if skin of our person. The fact is that on face there is natural protective film of which lips, alas, cannot brag. Special lip balms just imitate such film, protecting lips from external negative impacts.

5. Avoid opaque lipsticks. If you have problems with moisture content of lips, opaque lipstick will only aggravate situation. Besides, all imperfections will become visible clearly. Replace lipstick with coloring balm better. It, of course, will not give such saturated color, but the subtle shade and due leaving are guaranteed.

6. Before putting lipstick balm has to be absorbed. And it is better not to apply lipstick on balm within 10 minutes. This time is just enough that all useful substances were absorbed in skin and have begun the vivifying influence. On the expiration of this time blot lips with napkin that lipstick has not spread during the day, and impose pigment.

7. You do not apply balm with finger. When using balm in jar you risk to bring finger infection. Brush - too not the most optimal variant so just ""kiss"" product, without touching contents. There will be quite enough this quantity of means.

8. More carefully with srub! The face scrub can injure already thin skin of lips. Get special srub for lips better and do not use it more often than every two weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team