How to make nails beautiful and well-groomed

How to make nails beautiful and well-groomed

Healthy, equal, strong and beautiful nails are dream of any woman. They decorate female hands when have well-groomed appearance, draw to themselves attention and make pleasant impression.

It is possible to make the nails beautiful and well-groomed independently in house conditions.

Nails should pay special attention, and for healthy and beautiful view of one leaving will be a little — it is necessary to do regularly strengthening baths and it is good to eat. The healthy nutrition is very important as it guarantees health and the blossoming appearance in general.

For nails it is necessary to eat dishes with gelatin content: jelly, fruit jelly, soups and aspics.

That your nails were strong, eat whole grains, fish and seafood, dairy and soy products.

Durability and flexibility of plate of nail and also for the color, are influenced by frequent contacts with detergents and water.

That your nails did not exfoliate, shorten them not cuticle scissors, but nail file.

The appearance of nails will tell about state of your health. If on them there are spots of milky-white color, they can point to diseases of liver or injury of nails. In the form of such spots on nails unripe cages and emptiness between them are postponed. If your nails constantly exfoliate and break, it can speak about the shortage of vitamins, the broken metabolism or the wrong leaving.

How it is possible to strengthen the nails?

Fine means for strengthening of nails lemon juice which should be rubbed around nail hole is considered. For obtaining bigger effect it is possible to use the special means for cuticle and strengthening of nails containing oil of lemon and vitamin E. This means should be rubbed several times a day before applying hand cream. The received result will not keep long itself waiting.

Councils for daily nail care.

  • At least once a day wipe the nails with brush to remove pollution and to propilingovat nails.
  • Rub fat cream in the nails to soften skin around nail, to improve blood circulation and to smooth nail surface. It is better to do it before going to bed.
  • Wash hands correctly. If your nails sensitive and fragile, use not usual soap, but oil from orange-peels.
  • For weak nails periodically you conduct treatment courses during which refrain from manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team