How to make srub in house conditions

How to make srub in house conditions

Smooth and fresh skin will never get out of fashion. To achieve its perfect condition, it is necessary to watch and look after her regularly. The srub for skin will help with it. It is possible to prepare it independently in house conditions.

House face scrubs

You should not underestimate positive impact of srub on skin. This cosmetic, thanks to abrasive particles which are its part helps the died-off cages to peel. In addition, the softening basis of srub protects skin from inflammations and injuries. After similar cleaning in skin exchange processes are more effectively restored, it becomes more smooth and soft, begins to receive more oxygen.

It should be noted that the srubs prepared in house conditions are not always completely capable to replace professional cosmetic, but serve as excellent addition to regular care for skin.

It is the simplest to prepare srub, using food. These means will not do to skin harm – they are safe and natural. At the same time good food and moistening will be provided to skin. Cosmetic clay, fruit gruel, honey, cream or sour cream can form basis for house srubs. For dry type of skin it is necessary to choose the most nutritious and fat basis. You remember: the upper layer of the skin thin is capable to make frequent application of srubs, to break water-salt balance, to cause dehydration and to accelerate moisture loss. Experts do not recommend to use srubs for skin clarification to people with acne rash. They can aggravate problem only. The srub is applied to the steamed-out or clean moist skin the massing movements. Wash away cosmetic warm flowing water.

Preparation of srub for skin

Very effective and simple srub can be prepared in house conditions on the basis of coffee thick. Such means perfectly will be suitable for any type of skin. For preparation of srub it is necessary to mix banana gruel, fat cottage cheese, sour cream and coffee thick in equal proportions. This means not only effectively purifies skin, but also feeds it. Srubs with sugar and salt are also suitable for any type of skin. Their quantity at preparation of means depends on condition of skin. Such srub polishes body, doing it healthy and elastic. Sugar and salt mix with milk for body, honey or cream. It should be noted that the srub on the basis of sugar and salt is not suitable for sensitive skin as it is capable to cause irritation. Srubs on the basis of berries can also be used for any type of skin. For this purpose berries should be mashed carefully. It is very convenient to use the blender in this case. Uniform gruel is applied by the easy massing movements to skin for 10-12 minutes. Organic acids which contain in berries perfectly moisturize the skin, supplying it with necessary vitamins.

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