How to muffle hunger

How to muffle hunger

The feeling arising in several hours after its beginning is familiar to those who at least once tried to keep to diet. The organism limited in quantity of products, habitual for it, has stress and demands food. Secrets of how to muffle feeling of hunger, all the, but have general rules which observance will help to adhere to the chosen power supply circuit.

It is required to you

  • Clear water without gases, cucumbers, apples, grapefruits


  1. In order that attacks of hunger were less sharp, it is necessary to eat often, but in the small portions. It will not affect diet, however will facilitate its observance. If that for any reasons is impossible, it is necessary to address easy having a snack with use of certain products. The having a snack caloric content is less, the it is more useful to organism. It can be half of grapefruit which promotes splitting of fats, or small green apple. It is possible to eat cucumber whose caloric content is minimum, however it will help to win against feeling of hunger on certain period.
  2. Between meals to suppress hunger, it is necessary to drink glass of warm water. He not only creates illusion of filling of stomach, but also relaxes muscles in digestive tract due to which reduction spasms in stomach are felt. However it is necessary to use for this purpose only usual water or green tea, other means for this purpose do not approach.
  3. Also for those who look for the answer to question of how to muffle hunger, can seem interesting switching method. For this purpose itself needs to find interesting occupation thanks to which hunger will be simply forgotten. Not for nothing in certain cases people remember that they have forgotten to have breakfast when for a long time there has passed lunch time. Intensive walks or run in the fresh air can help with it. First, the person moves away from the fridge which attracts to itself(himself) the contents. Secondly, physical activities reduce feeling of hunger.

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