How to order cosmetics of Oriflame

How to order cosmetics of Oriflame

Thanks to the high quality and very democratic prices the well-known cosmetics of the Swedish firm Oriflame has acquired great number of devoted admirers in Russia and in the CIS countries. Its decorative and looking after means for skin and hair deservedly enjoy wide popularity among women of various age and social categories. Big advantage of this cosmetics is that it is possible to order it directly from the house on the Internet or by phone, without tiresome shopping.


  1. Branded feature of cosmetics of Oriflame always its distribution was exclusive through world network of independent consultants. Thanks to effective marketing strategy the office of consultants of Oriflame can be found practically in each settlement. But even if there is no it, nothing terrible – it is possible to order cosmetics of Oriflame always online or to write out by means of catalogs by mail.
  2. If you have decided to buy for yourself products of Oriflame, first of all, choose the most convenient for you way of acquaintance to the offered range and execution of the order. If you live in the large city, then probably more suitable way will be direct communication with consultants and representatives of the company who will be able to show you catalogs and product samples, and then will issue for you the order.
  3. Even if among your acquaintances there is nobody who would use cosmetics of Oriflame or was familiar with her representatives, it will not be difficult to find the consultant. Look at local advertizing newspapers in the section network marketing or personals. In them messages from representatives of the company very often meet. Everything that you will need to make, – to call by the specified phone and to agree about meeting at your place or at office of the consultant.
  4. You can also order cosmetics of Oriflame online. In network there is set of the websites of representatives of this company today. Choose in search delivery the official site of the company in your region or the website of the consultant who is in your city. If you have chosen the official site of the company, then at its visit it will be offered to you to choose one of possible options.
  5. Or you just leave the request on the website with the indication of the contact information and desirable goods then the representative of firm will contact you and will issue your order. Or you are registered on the website as the registered regular customer of products and further will be able to act as the independent consultant. In this case, besides the ordered products, will send you also catalogs with the description of the range and the instruction for independent activity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team