How to equip summer shower

How to equip summer shower

During summer season many seek to spend more time in the fresh air, to put homestead economy in order and just to have a rest. The refreshing garden shower during summer heat becomes the urgent need, especially if on the site there is no opportunity to equip modern bathroom. The simple shower cabin can be made the hands, and at certain skill you will make it much cozier and are more durable than finished factory products.

It is required to you

  • - base;
  • - shower cabin;
  • - tank for water;
  • - water source (water supply system, well);
  • - drain and drain hole;
  • - impervious material;
  • - adapters for hose;
  • - hose;
  • - crane and spray;
  • - elements of interior and external finish.


1. Choose the place for installation of summer shower. It is extremely crucial moment – the unreasoned design can nullify all your efforts. Main rules: the cabin has to stand on sunny side that water for washing managed to get warm completely; the shower should be secured against strong drafts; choose the place ennobled for fast outflow of the used water. In the presence of water supply system think over convenience of supply of communications. If it is necessary to fill capacity manually, close there has to be well.

2. Dig out drain hole from 1 to 2 sq.m, depending on expected load of summer shower. Waste waters can wash away soil under cabin therefore arrange draining at distance of several meters from it. Provide inclined embankment – liquid has to flow down on it towards drainage. Strengthen bias polyethylene film or roofing material.

3. Put the base for leaky soil that self-made shower has not collapsed. It is recommended to submerge in the earth on perimeter of future walls of pile – metal pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and 1 m long. They have to tower approximately on 20 cm. Strengthen structure of the pile base concrete and unite framework from the squared bar. Other option - make the brick basis and record on it bars brackets. Board framework.

4. Design cabin. Internal dimensions of the room should not be less than 190х140 cm. The finished factory product can be ordered in specialized firm and to collect from panels as the designer. Cheaper option is to make wooden shower independently. For this purpose at first put framework from bars (optimum section - 100x100 mm). Concrete support; connect bars bandagings from above and from below. Walls are recommended to be upholstered with planed boards.

5. At the equipment of cabin consider the next moments. It is necessary to provide the place for placement of clothes and towel, having protected it waterproof curtain; separate washing separation from locker room threshold; the floor has to be grille for water drain. Do not forget about useful trifles – holders and regiments for bathing accessories.

6. The entrance to summer shower can be closed oil-cloth curtain. If you have decided to hang timber door, it is recommended to establish on it special sealants of UPP-160 type. Pads will not allow wood cloth to inflate from moisture and in addition will help to keep heat.

7. Install metal or plastic tank on roof of shower cabin. Choose engine capacity from 60 to 100 – then water will well get warm, and it will be enough for bathing procedures. Paint capacity dark color that it heated up quicker. It is in addition possible to equip the improvised water heater: to make timber frame construction over tank and to pull on it polyethylene. From North side paste over "greenhouse" with foil.

8. Build in in tank the adapter for fastening of hose, fix the crane and the spray on the end. Attach other hose to the pump in well or to water supply system. If it is necessary to fill capacity with buckets, establish by row reliable ladder.

9. At last, take care of finishing of summer shower. From "face" it is possible to upholster cabin with moisture resistant plywood or eurolining, to paint walls in uniform style with other country rooms. Cover internal walls with drying oil or upholster with strong polyvinylchloride film. It is possible to use also linoleum, plastic panels or any other impervious material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team