How to paint hair one tone lighter

How to paint hair one tone lighter

If you have decided to change slightly the appearance and to paint hair one tone lighter, it is the best of all to address experts in beauty shop. But if you have no such opportunity or desire, try to make coloring independently.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, brush, paint.


  1. First of all it is necessary to choose paint correctly. If you do not want the result to have disappointed you, and hair were too fair, buy all necessary in special shop or hairdresser's salon better. There usually only quality paint which professionals use is on sale. Coloring by such means does not harm structure of hair and seldom yields undesirable result. Besides, sellers will help you to define what present shade of your hair, and what paint you should pick up.
  2. If you were going to paint hair for the first time, then can get the special clarifying means. If they have been already painted, you need paint with color pigments as simple clarification can not work.
  3. All tools necessary for coloring are usually applied to paint. You need only hairbrush – comb and, perhaps, brush (if it is not in box), but for coloring of all head in one color it is possible to do also without it.
  4. Mix all necessary components according to the instruction. Put on gloves which are on sale complete with paint.
  5. Comb hair and gradually apply on them paint from roots to tips. After all locks are in paint, comb them that means was distributed evenly. Wait about forty minutes. Time is usually specified in the instruction and can be miscellaneous, depending on the means. After that look whether paint has worked. If is not present, then wait still – minutes 5, but it is no more, and wash away paint. Final color will be visible after drying of hair.
  6. One more procedure of coloring which it is possible to hold not earlier, than in 10 days can be necessary for too dark locks, otherwise you will spoil hair.
  7. That everything has turned out from the first, it is necessary to buy very strong paint (with the corresponding mark on packing), but it is quite dangerous to use it as the inexperienced person can overdo and burn hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team