How to pick up hairstyle for the type

How to pick up hairstyle for the type

Every season the fashion for hairstyles changes. Most of women behind it simply are not in time. And how to be in time if playful titsianovy curlies are in good graces this flying, and in the fall – refined and smooth caret of chocolate color? Not to exhaust in pursuit of changeable fashion, and, the it is more, not to fall its victim, having lost hair because of infinite manipulations with them, it is worth accepting two postulates. The first says that hair are obliged to be well-groomed. The second – that the hairstyle has to: a) to be and b) to approach face type. Let's deal with the last.


  1. Oval litsobaryshnyam with ideal oval shape of face it was incredibly lucky. They suit any types of hairstyles: short, long, symmetric, asymmetric, magnificent, smooth and other.
  2. Roundish smooth hairstyles short or average length are recommended to litsokruglolitsy women. Parting in the middle is absolutely contraindicated to owners of not expressed chins and roundish cheeks.
  3. Square litsotsel hairstyles for square face – visually to make narrower it, to make more graceful. Here hairstyles of average length (to chin), the smooth hair along cheeks covering corners of the lower jaw will come to the rescue. Perfectly partings at the side conceal angularity of the person. Contraindications: the hair combed back and the hairstyles which are most opening the person.
  4. Rectangular litsodlya rectangular face it is better to choose hairstyle of average length with slanting bang, parting at the side, magnificent curls. To the yard it is necessary to any of hairdresser's receptions which will visually break symmetry and angularity of face.
  5. Triangular litsodlya persons heart short magnificent hairstyles with coquettish chelochka of average length approach. And here smoothly combed hair and short bangs opening forehead do not suit ladies with triangular faces absolutely.
  6. Narrow extended litsodlinny bangs, magnificent curls – here that was prescribed by stylists to owners of the extended narrow faces. Length of hairstyles for narrow-faced ladies – to the middle of cheeks or lobe of ear.
  7. It is worth remembering that the choice of hairstyle has to be based not only on face type, structure of hair, but also on features to figure. So, young ladies with boyish figure should avoid short hairstyles, and here long flowing hair will turn Thumbelina 150 cm in height into the child whom nobody will begin to take seriously. Ladies too figuristy and izgibisty should not emphasize the forms with hairstyle with straight hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team