How to podoborat hair-dye

How to podoborat hair-dye

How not to be mistaken when choosing paint? Knowing what is meant by the figures specified on packing it is possible to experiment with shades easily.

Ladies often change image in pursuit of perfection. Sometimes happens to change hair color enough.

But the shade specified on packing not always is similar to turned out as a result of coloring. Everything depends on such factors as: 

  • initial hair color;
  • availability of gray hair;
  • quality of paint;
  • hold time;
  • reaction with paint which has painted hair earlier for this reason try to choose paint of the same brand. 

On paint package always pay attention not only to hair color at model, but also to digital indicators which can tell about much. The first figure always specifies the main (natural) tone which is responsible for the level of depth of color.

Mark out 10 main tones of hair: 1 - black, 2 - brown, 3 – dark chestnut, 4 – average chestnut, 5 – light chestnut, 6 - dark blond, 7 - the intensive blonde, 8 - the light blonde, 9 - very light blonde, 10 - the platinum blonde.

The figure following after point figure of the main tone indicates shade (2 - violet, 3 - gold, 4 – copper, 5 – mahogany, 6 – red, 7 – opaque, 8 – coffee shade).

The third figure indicates additional or minor shade (1 – ashy, 2 – violet, 3 – gold, 4 – copper, 5 – mahogany, 6 – red, 8 – coffee shade).

The second and third figures are among themselves in the ratio 2:1. Knowing digital designation of paints, it is possible to experiment with ease with tones and half tones.

So, for example, wishing to receive chestnut hair color with prevalence of golden outflow with copper notes, it is necessary to choose tone 5.34.

Try to make the choice for lighter shade if you do not wish to receive dark hair color. Brown and chestnut shades are dangerous that when coloring the hair can turn out much more darkly, than at model on cover.

From dark shade it is always more difficult to pass to lighter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team