How to protect hair in the winter

How to protect hair in the winter

In the winter hair require special and careful care. Due to the temperature difference on the street and indoors hair are cooled, and because of frequent use of the hair dryer and central heating – overheat. To keep beautiful and healthy hair, it is necessary to observe certain recommendations.

Do not overcool volosygolovny the attire serves as protection against sharp temperature differences for hair. Process of hair recovery is much heavier, than selection of suitable covering for the head. It is the best of all to hide all hair under headdress that they completely were in heat.

Do not overheat hair

Limit frequent daily use of irons and the hair dryer for hair, but use only those devices in which temperature level is regulated. Upon purchase and the choice of the curling iron, hair dryer, nippers consider condition of hair (healthy and elastic fragile and dry), density, thickness and length, pay special attention to convenience of the device and its functional qualities. Great choice is use of hair dryers of new generation with branded technologies of protection against peresushivaniye and overheating. It is desirable to choose devices with functions of heating to certain temperature and cooling inclusion, or the air ionization mode. In the winter the humidity of air is much less, than in warm time therefore hair and skin are strongly overdried. As a result of the listed factors the hair become dim, and dandruff develops. In that case periodic use of spray or acquisition of the aerator of air will be the best recommendation.

Choose the correct cosmetics on leaving for the volosamiposl of washing of the head it is necessary to apply the dim hair conditioner on hair and at least once a week to do intensive mask. At appearance of dandruff it is necessary to use the medical shampoos reducing dryness of head skin. Pay in the winter attention to tips of hair because they most of all are exposed to negative weather conditions. At least once a month they need to be cut, once a week to use serum against the section of hair. In cold season it is necessary to wash the head in cool water as washing of hair in hot water will lead to the fact that they will become fragile, lifeless and dim. Use hairbrushes and crests from natural materials, it will reduce injuries of hair.

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