How to refresh the person by means of mask

How to refresh the person by means of mask

If skin became drooped and dry, has begun to be shelled or has become covered by fat luster and also on it small wrinkles and unhealthy pigmentation have appeared, it needs moistening and refreshing, and house masks will help with it.


1. Cosmetic mix for which preparation take 2 tablespoons of alcohol, 100 g of honey, 2 tablespoons of water will help to refresh skin of fat type. Components mix then impregnate with mix cotton pads and put them on face, passing area around eyes and lips, for 13-15 minutes. Then lotions are removed and wipe face with ice cubes. But this structure is contraindicated to those who have on skin vascular asterisks.

2. For the porous and withering skin the "treat" prepared from chicken protein, 2 tsps of the oat flakes crushed in powder, dried peel of lemon and 1 tsp of lemon juice will be useful. Gradually mix juice, dried peel and powder with the beaten egg white. The ready cleaning means is applied to the prepared skin on third of hour, after wash away mix warm water and rinse face with cool water or wiped with ice cubes.

3. At dry skin the refreshing structure prepared from yeast and vegetable oil can be used. Part 1 tablespoon of yeast in vegetable oil (smetanoobrazny weight has to turn out), then put the refreshing mix by means of cotton pad on face, and 15-17 minutes later wash away camomile broth or milk.

4. The cucumber structure prepared from 2 handfuls of fresh leaves of cucumber grass and 2 l of water is useful to mature skin. The curative grass is filled in with just begun to boil water, infuse mix of 8-10 minutes, then filtered. Moisten fabric napkin in warm infusion then put compress for 5 minutes on the prepared face skin. This curative structure refreshes skin, tightens it and gives it healthy and beautiful color.

5. Perfectly the cosmetic prepared from 2 tablespoons of polished apple, pumpkin or cucumber and also small amount of milk refreshes skin. Purees mix with milk (dense weight has to turn out) and heat mix on water bath within 13-15 minutes. Then enter a few crushed oat flakes into gruel. The mask is imposed warm for 10-13 minutes, then the face is rinsed with cool water with addition of apple cider vinegar or juice (at the rate of 1 tsp on water liter).

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