How to remove dreadlocks

How to remove dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are carried not only by fans of reggae or representatives of various subcultures, but also those who like to experiment with appearance and hair. ""The life term"" of dreads at the correct leaving – from 3 to 6 months. But sooner or later they should be removed.

It is required to you

  • hook for knitting, the hairbrush, hot water, hair conditioner strengthening masks and shampoos


  1. One of the most painless and at the same time radical ways of disposal of dreads – sbrivaniye. At the same time it is optional to do hairstyle "under zero". If hair have considerably grown, then dreadlocks can be removed so that there were at least 3-5 cm of hair. However, short hairstyles do not frighten those who have got used to esperiment and gives preference to bandanas or other headdresses. The hairstyle will be anyway much more useful: first, after it the head of hear grows much quicker and more densely, and secondly, new hair should not be recovered.
  2. Do not regret money to remove dreadlocks in special salon. Masters will try to make it with the smallest losses for appearance. But be ready that the procedure will carry away about a third of the died-off hair in sink. Besides, comb-out happens painfully (but it is tolerant) and takes several hours depending on quantity of dreads and their thickness. Advantages of saloon removal are that the head is processed the special washing and strengthening means for the injured hair.
  3. If you have made the courageous decision to remove dreadlocks independently in own bathroom, then stock up with patience, hook for knitting and hairbrush. Pain, perhaps, will be not such sharp as though it someone did another. But in this case process of raspletaniye it will be noticeable it is prolonged and can stretch for several days. Begin to untwine dreadlocks from tip. If it is not wrapped, that is, is not twisted in dreadlocks, then it will be easier to pull out it. Hook hook small locks behind lock and you remove outside. It is sick, and loss of hair will be considerable bigger, than saloon removal of dreads.
  4. To facilitate task, soak dreadlocks in warm water and begin to untwine them one by one, having used conditioners and hair shampoo. Do not pull out bunches of hair with force, act slowly, but it is accurate. After the end of this laborious procedure use masks, balms and vitamins which will promote recovery of the injured hair.

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