How to remove permanent make-up of eyebrows

How to remove permanent make-up of eyebrows

As many girls complain of low-quality permanent make-up of eyebrows, even there is a wish to help them. If you one of them – do not mourn. The way out will always be found. One of the most popular means on removal of unwanted permanent make-up – cream. Producers promise (as well as girls who have tried it) that it the truth helps to remove permanent make-up

It is required to you

  • - special cream;
  • - patience.


1. Consult the expert about your desire to removepermanent make-upof eyebrows. Take any actions for removal of permanent make-up of eyebrows can be very silly – you will work with the person, and the person of mistakes does not forgive. All wrong actions will be reflected in it. Therefore, be not afraid, and register in consultation quicker and get advice concerning your specific case.

2. Choosing cream for removal of permanent make-up, be not guided by the advertizing companies, and wisely and carefully pick up that which approaches your type of skin, for this purpose it is rather tchatelno necessary will study the instruction of each cream. Be not thrifty is your person!

3. Carefully read the instruction about use of cream. The principle of its work is that thanks to active components, it decolours dark pigments of paint of permanent make-up. Use cream precisely according to the instruction.

4. Never you apply cream to healthy skin on which there is no permanent make-up – you can seriously damage it.

5. It is necessary to apply cream with thin strip, directly on permanent make-up. Protect healthy skin which to be nearby from cream hit.

6. If you see that cream works and the permanent make-up becomes colourless, you should not smear cream even more for obtaining effect as soon as possible. On the contrary, it you can injure gentle skin and drag out process of removal of permanent make-up. You remember the rule: never to exceed dose of the used cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team