What is useful for a liver?

What is useful for a liver?

It is important to modern man to maintain the health. The bad ecology, constant stresses render load of all systems of an organism. And if to add to it incorrectly made food allowance, the use even if also not so frequent, alcoholic beverages and smoking can affect health considerably. Not to allow it, it is important to know what products it is possible and it is necessary to eat for maintenance in the normal state of all systems and that is useful for a liver – "principal organ for blood clarification".

The most useful products for a liver

For a start let's understand what dishes should be included in the food allowance. First, it is, of course, fish of low-fat grades – a pike, a trout, a hake, a cod. Only you remember that it will be more reasonable not to fry it on vegetable oil, and to bake in an oven or just to boil.

Secondly, it is necessary to use various fermented milk products. Both fermented baked milk, and kefir, and sour cream or yogurt will approach, all of them contain absorbent which helps a liver to cope with toxins.

And, at last, surely eat porridges – buckwheat, pearl-barley, oat. All these dishes saturate an organism with cellulose, help to clean it from hazardous substances. They are the food useful to a liver.

As for various vegetables and fruit, certainly, leaders are cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, carrots and various citrus. Experts believe that the fruit, most useful to a liver, are that contain a large amount of vitamin C. Therefore safely include oranges, grapefruits and tangerines in a food allowance and also have tea with a lemon.

It is not less important to observe also the mode of drink. Ideally, the man has to use not less than 2-2.5 pure l a day, and, during a summer heat it is necessary to increase this quantity by a liter floor. Liquid helps an organism to get rid of toxins, and it is important if the person tries to care for the health.

Herbs useful to a liver

Except that it is necessary to build correctly a diet, not superfluous will and conduct sometimes courses of special clarification of this body. It is not obligatory to use for this purpose various expensive medicines, will be to spend on drink broths of herbs enough. Today the filter bags with already ground plants can be bought in almost any drugstore. So, for holding a procedure it will be required – an immortelle, a thistle and a wormwood, leaves of a dandelion and hips. It is also necessary to buy mint, leaves of a plantain, a corn snout, celandine flowers, nettle leaves.

All these components in equal shares are ready hot water (250 ml. on 1 tsp of each plant). Then it is necessary to wait for not less than half an hour and to filter broth. Drink is taken in the evening on an empty stomach, it is forbidden to eat food after that within 4-6 hours. The course of procedures makes 3-4 weeks.

It is important to understand that such mix accepted for the first time can provoke appearance of diarrhea therefore consider it. If the person drinks infusion 3-4 day, and the diarrhea still develops after intake of drink, it is necessary to stop a course. Also you remember that for the period of holding procedures, that is for 3-4 weeks, it is necessary to exclude completely alcohol intake and to refuse greasy food, for example, of sausages, confectionery, pork.

If desired to conduct a similar course of clarification of a liver, surely consult previously with the doctor. In spite of the fact that in infusion natural ingredients useful to a liver and a gall bladder are used, there can be an allergic reaction and a possibility of individual intolerance of components and reaction of an organism to them, it is not necessary to deny.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team