With what meat to feed a dog

With what meat to feed a dog

Meat is the main and irreplaceable product in a diet of a dog. Therefore it is so important to give it to the pet. As this product happens different grades and types, many dog breeders have a question what meat is better for their canine friend.

Veal and beef are the most useful to dogs. Therefore it is the best of all to include these grades in a diet of the pet. At the same time meat needs to be cut on pieces. In case a dog of small breed, then they have to be rather small. It is impossible to give forcemeat from beef and veal to the pet because in the raw it is not acquired in intestines. Meat should not be too fat.

What to feed a dog except cutting with?

Boneless meat is desirable for feeding of the pet, but is optional. Cutting can be replaced with any parts of ink with vessels, veins and a film. However it is necessary to make sure that it underwent veterinary control that such food did not become the reason of appearance of helminthoses. If parts of ink are received owing to the forced slaughter then surely boil them before feeding an animal. An offal can be used for feeding of a dog too. Kidneys, an udder, heart, lungs, a liver, a stomach can act as them. They need to be boiled and given with grain. But you should not enter a liver as it has laxative effect into a diet of puppies. Adult dogs should give it in a small amount. At the same time it is impossible to replace with an offal completely at all meat as they contain less protein and have low nutrition value. Crude cartilages and bones can also be included in a diet of dogs. They have to be given several times a week in a small amount. Thanks to them it will be possible to strengthen teeth of an adult animal and to promote their formation at a puppy. It is necessary to know that nutrition value at bones and cartilages low therefore along with them it is necessary to give usual food. The blood received during slaughter of animals on protein content practically does not concede to cutting, but it is necessary to enter it into a diet in gradually, otherwise the animal will have an allergy. It has to undergo heat treatment surely. The period of storage of blood makes several days.

Pork and fowl in a diet of a dog

Pork can be given to dogs in a small amount. It should not be too fat. It should be boiled and added to porridge small cut pieces. Refuse input in a fat diet. It can provoke obesity at an animal. Fowl surely has to enter a diet of dogs. Here it is necessary to use only fillet, previously boiling it within 30-40 minutes. Bones of a bird can provoke contamination of intestines. Therefore it is not strongly recommended to enter them into a diet of the pet.

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