How to make a topper on cake with own hand

How to make a topper on cake with own hand

Toppers are jewelry for confectionery, popular not only among professional confectioners. Cakes, cakes and cakes can be decorated with letters, figures, plates, giving to desserts the finished and elegant look. In such style it is accepted to make out cakes for weddings, birthdays and other solemn dates. The decor can be got in shop, but to make it the hands much more interestingly.

Classical and original toppers: to choose that

Toppers came to house cookery from the American candy stores. Exactly there thought up to decorate cupcakes, cakes, cakes and cakes with various figures, volume inscriptions, monograms. Such decor visually increases confectionery, does them more noticeable on a show-window. At the same time the bright topper helps to save, the small ornament thrust in cake or cake will cost much cheaper an additional portion of marzipan, cream or a chocolate ganash.

The idea was picked up by the hostesses doing confectionery independently. The bright decor distracts attention from small mistakes, does modest home-made pastries festive, gives it originality and identity. Toppers sell in confectionery departments, but them it is quite possible to make with own hands.

All jewelry is divided into 2 big groups: edible and inedible. The second much more, include the various tags, a monogram which are cut out from cardboard, thin plywood or plastic, a star from a foil, a figure from plastic or ceramics in it. Edible toppers do of sugar mastic, the gingerbread test, caramel, chocolate, a wafer or rice paper. It is more difficult to make such jewelry, but the product turns out very beautiful and unusual, is effectively watched in photos and video. Edible jewelry is very popular in products for children.

Simple hand-made articles for beginners: stage-by-stage production

The lightest and available option — jewelry of paper or cardboard. That the hand-made article was successful, it is necessary to work step by step, without hurrying. At first the general design of cake or cake is thought over, considering the style, color scale, products which are used for cake layers and cream.

Effectively the paper tags which are hanged out between the skewers thrust in cake look. It is easy to make them: on a template cut out rhombuses from a tissue color paper, put them in half, pveshat on a severe thread and stick together edges. The thread needs to be bound between 2 wooden skewers so that it slightly sagged. It is necessary to strengthen skewers at cake top. Instead of tags it is possible to stretch a tape, a strip of gathered lace, a garland of small lamps from a crepe paper.

It is easy to decorate cakes or cupcakes with mini-toppers in the form of snowflakes. Such decor will be suitable for a New Year's table or a thematic winter wedding. To cut out snowflakes from a foil, to make one more preparation of cardboard. On one skewer 2 preparations from a foil are required. They are pasted on both sides of a precut carton, having placed a wooden skewer inside. After drying of a snowflake on sticks it is possible to thrust in tops of cupcakes.

One more simple option — tiny pompons which can be made of fluffy viscose strings of the necessary shade. They are reeled up on a carton disk with an opening in the center by means of a thick needle. Then preparation is cut on a contour, in the middle tie up a pompon a thread. That the product turned out magnificent, it is necessary to reel up several layers of threads. It is necessary to attach a pompon to a skewer and to decorate with it cake.    

Tasty topper from mastic: step-by-step instruction

Children very much like edible sweet jewelry. They have to be bright, beautiful, completely safe. For work use food colors, it is convenient to transfer the image to a sugar or wafer paper. The first option is more preferable, the printout on wafer paper turns out more pale. It should be taken into account that the sweet decor contains many calories therefore is it it is necessary in moderate doses.

At first the images are selected, it can be heroes of favourite animated films, fairy tale characters, toys, flowers. It is possible to order the press food colors on a sugar paper in a pastry shop. An important condition — it is necessary to store edible images in the dense envelope which is doing not pass air, otherwise the picture will become fragile and can crumble.

Characters to cut out with a small space. To roll ready mastic of neutral color in layer, to attach the picture and to circle a contour with a special stack or a sharp knife. Insert a skewer and make sure that it keeps rather strong. Remove a protective film from the picture and attach the image to mastic preparation, having accurately straightened folds. Small cunning: for giving of beautiful luster the surface of a topper can be greased with the honey divorced water.

Mastic doesn't need to be rolled too thinly, otherwise the thrust skewer won't be able to hold a figure. At the same time the finished product shouldn't turn over therefore to do it too heavy too it is impossible.  

After all toppers are ready, to dry them at the room temperature, on it 1-2 hours will be required. Strengthen skewers at top of the cake covered with mastic. Additional jewelry isn't necessary, it is enough to add a congratulatory inscription or a beautiful tape.

Sweet toppers can be made also of the gingerbread test. It is rolled in layer, cut out figures: silhouettes of animals, clouds, stars or flowers. Products bake in the warmed oven until ready. In hot gingerbreads wooden skewers are stuck. After cooling, gingerbreads need to be covered with sugar coating and to paint with chocolate or color fondant. That gingerbread toppers didn't turn over,  you shouldn't do them too large.

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