How to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions

How to remove shadows under the eyes house conditions

under the eyes - not palatable cosmetic shortcoming. It is possible to get rid of it plain folk remedies if appearance of bruises is not caused by any illnesses of organism.


  1. Effective means from dark circles under eyes are potatoes, both boiled, and crude. Take the cleaned crude tuber and rasp or in the vegetable cutter. In the received weight add oatmeal or oat-flakes to proportions 1:1, dilute with milk to condition of dense gruel. Put it on skin around eyes for short time, later wash water and grease area of eyes with nutritious cream.
  2. Put two plastics of crude potatoes on eyes, relax and lie down with them minutes fifteen. Boil potatoes, mash it with addition of milk and impose on problem area of skin. In 15 minutes of puree remove and wash cool water. Mix crude grated potatoes with any vegetable oil in the ratio 2:1. Oil lower eyelids olive or almond and apply on them the prepared structure, after a while wash away tea tea leaves.
  3. It is possible to try to remove dark circles under eyes by means of cottage cheese. Carefully pound it and put around eyes for 15-20 minutes. Remove cottage cheese and wipe eyelids with the napkin moistened with cold green or black tea. It is recommended to do at shadows under the eyes lotions of cold tea or just to put the used tea bags.
  4. Take grain crumb and soak it in milk. Apply the received structure on area of eyes and leave for 20 minutes, further carry corn and wipe skin with the cotton pad moistened in milk for full removal of the remains of mask. If to do such mask regularly, then circles under eyes if they not consequence of illness of organism, shortly pass.
  5. It is possible to use fresh parsley in the flying, small crush it and impose on problem places, from above put wet fabric towel wipes. In 15 minutes wash away mask. Will help to refresh the person and to get rid of circles under eyes ice cubes. Freeze them with addition of juice of parsley and wipe face daily – in the morning and in the evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team