How to style thick hair

How to style thick hair

Many of us, looking through on TV the next advertizing of shampoo, sigh, dreaming to have secretly the same thick hair, as at model. Thick hair looks perfectly and smartly, attracts views of people around and causes their admiration. Meanwhile, owners of such head of hear say that they should pick up hairstyle quite difficult, the thick hair is not so obedient and demands certain efforts when laying. Choosing laying for thick hair, it is necessary to consider several factors: shape of face, its line, thickness and texture of hair, personal style of their owner. It is considered that the most popular laying for thick hair – as at Jennifer Aniston – both simply, and is beautiful.

It is required to you

  • For creation of image it will be necessary for you skin for laying, hairbrush with wide teeths and the iron for smoothing of hair.


  1. For a start carefully wash up hair, surely use conditioner. It will give to your hair additional smoothness, softness and gloss, will allow to lay hairstyle exactly as want.
  2. Apply mousse on the wrung-out moist hair in the direction from the middle to tips of hair. Use small amount of laying means, the size approximately about egg that there was no effect of dirty hair. Try to distribute mousse evenly.
  3. Dry up hair phenom on average temperature. For creation of volume at roots it is possible to incline for a while the head down and to dry hair so. Constantly use hairbrush during drying that all locks have equally well dried out.
  4. Before use of the iron for smoothing of hair cause small amount of thermoprotective serum on all length of hair or use special spray. They will protect your hair from overheating and emergence of the splitting ends.
  5. Heat the iron and begin to smooth hair. Try that locks looked equally exactly, pay close attention to tips of hair because how they will lie, the attractiveness of hairstyle depends. Be not fond of strong smoothing, it is important to us to keep the easy volume and lightness of hair.
  6. Having finished smoothing, stir up hair that they have laid down naturally. If you carry bang, give it easy zakruglennost by means of the hair dryer and brush. Voila, you are magnificent!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team