How to remove keratinaceous capsules

How to remove keratinaceous capsules

After building the hair look especially effectively. However there can sometimes be situations when it is urgently necessary to remove the locks increased on the Italian technology that is by means of keratinaceous capsules, but there is no opportunity to get besides to the master. There are several ways of disposal of the unnecessary or disturbing already beauty in house conditions.


  1. Get in drugstore or in shop for hairdressers which is in any large shopping center, means for removal of keratinaceous capsules and the special tweezers intended for the same purpose. Before buying means, attentively study the instruction for its application and with for what type of hair it is intended. Do not save on the health and beauty, buying cheap medicines.
  2. Apply means on hair and rub it in the head within 10-15 seconds. Take nutritious mask and also apply it on hair. Wait within 20 minutes. During this time gather in bathtub of hot water, and then get into it and lie down some time until keratinaceous capsules do not begin to razmyakat. Take special tweezers and accurately remove each lock, carefully extending the hair from the capsule.
  3. By means of special nippers and the iron for hair it is possible to remove keratinaceous capsules and without means and hot bathtub. Apply burdock or olive oil on hair. Take mask for dry hair (also sour cream with the high content of fat as the keratin is effectively affected by any fat and oily substances can be useful) and apply it on hair. Then take the iron which is well warmed in advance and accurately apply to each capsule so that it has not melted and was not smeared on hair but only has a little melted. Tweezers remove locks. Capsules which have thoroughly dried up and literally have tightly seized hair, it is possible tweezers and to shatter.
  4. The term through which it is necessary to remove the hair increased on the Italian technology - 3-5 months. But even if has passed already half a year, and hair still look "on all hundred", it is better to remove them (independently or in salon) as it can lead to irreversible consequences for "native" head of hear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team