How to use wax for hair

How to use wax for hair

Probably, on light there are not enough women who would never style hair. Most of women daily resolves issue how to give to hairstyle brilliant and well-groomed look. One of means for laying is wax for hair.


  1. Wax, as well as any laying means, happens different extent of fixing. Usually the it is more than a figure, specified on packing, the properties stronger fixing. Also wax differs in consistence: there is rather soft, liquid wax for easy fixing, happens firm. Choose that which is suitable for your hair and for that hairstyle which you want to create.
  2. Wax from all means of laying is the strongest. Therefore it needs usually to be taken very little not to make heavier hair, not to give them fat grease look. Take a little wax, pound in hands and apply on hair.
  3. If you want to straighten the wavy hair, then distribute wax on all length by means of hairbrush and dry up phenom. In this case you apply wax on slightly moist hair. If you, on the contrary, want to create abrupt curls, then also apply wax on hair and lay them by means of nippers. Curls will remain for all day.
  4. For the best effect dry up clean hair, apply on them wax and then wind on nippers. It is also possible to apply hair curlers, fixing curls by the hair dryer. At first use hot air, and then cold, it will better record hairstyle and will not injure hair.
  5. Wax is ideal to allocate separate locks. Just slightly pound small amount (slightly more pin head) of wax between fingers and simulate locks, separating them hands.
  6. Also it well is suitable for giving of accurater look to tips of hair, especially if tips split. When the hairstyle is absolutely ready, fix tips of hair by the fingers greased in wax and let's dry.
  7. Advantage of wax also that it performs protective function. Its dense structure will keep hair from influence of the external environment and dust. Also in its structure there are nutrients which do well to hair. If you take wax too much, then your hair will seem oily and dirty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team