How to wash away resistant paint from hair

How to wash away resistant paint from hair

Unsuccessful painting of hair can become the present tragedy for any woman. It is not so simple to wash away resistant paint from hair, but after all this task feasible. You can remove paint from hair in house conditions, using at the same time make-shifts and natural components that will allow you to keep health of hair.

It is required to you

  • Remover for hair, laundry soap, lemon juice, camomile infusion, water


  1. The easiest and certain way to wash away paint from hair is to use professional remover. It is on sale practically in any perfumery or cosmetic shop and also it can be got in beauty shop or hairdressing salon. It is the best of all to use the checked brand not to be trapped. Cheap washings of doubtful quality and production will hardly allow you to achieve desirable result. During usage time accurately follow the instruction it is as little as possible to put harm to the hair.
  2. If you have dyed hair in dark color and want to wash away them, then it is the best of all for you to use the special clarifying remover. Remember that it is almost impossible to achieve desirable result from the first. You will be able to clarify black color on 3-4 tones that will hardly suit you. Therefore the procedure should be repeated. Observe frequency, do not use remover more once a week.
  3. At washing of paint from hair also make-shifts can be useful to you. For example, laundry soap. With its help you will be able to clarify the hair on 1-2 tones. Laundry soap is very plain in application. Just apply it on the hair, having formed soapsuds. After that take several minutes and wash away. The result will be already from the first noticeable. Soap very much dries hair and head skin therefore after each procedure you apply nutritious mask on hair. Rinsing of hair in water with addition of lemon juice or camomile will allow to wash away gradually paint and also to make hairs shiny and silky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team