How to wash clothes

How to wash clothes

Not all types of fabrics suit usual automatic washing in the machine, and not any laundry detergent will keep, for example, your woolen things in the form in which you bought them. Important when washing to consider all these nuances.


  1. Before washing sort linen on several categories: bed, usual things for every day, the clothes demanding careful washing, and thing from black fabrics.
  2. The bed linen from cotton fabric can be washed, setting the usual program by machine automatic machine. These things are washed at temperature from 70 to 90 degrees, depending on extent of pollution. As a rule, for washing of bed linen the program of double rinsing is set. Laundry detergent for this type of washing is used on your discretion, the main thing that it was for washing in the machine automatic machine.
  3. The bed linen from silk is washed in the mode of delicate washing at temperature of 30-40 degrees, powder is used same, as well as for linen from cotton fabric.
  4. Daily things are washed also in the mode of delicate washing. Before washing it is necessary to study labels on things where it is specified at what temperature they can be erased whether washing in the machine automatic machine, etc. is contraindicated to them. For things which can be erased in the car temperature from 30 to 40 degrees, depending on composition of fabrics of things and the recommendations of their manufacturer is set. It is desirable to use special laundry detergent only for careful washing in the machine.
  5. Jeans, house sports suits, socks in addition belong to black things. For their washing the special program according to the instruction to the machine is set. These things are washed at temperature of 60 degrees by usual powder for machines automatic machines. It is recommended to set the program of double rinsing to avoid white stains on things. Plaids, blankets and covers are erased separately from usual things if only they are not subject to dry cleaning.
  6. Do not forget to add to laundry detergent of means, the machine mechanisms helping to preserve from limy raid.

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