How to wash sweat

How to wash sweat

Each woman faced such problem more than once how to wash sweat spots from clothes and at the same time not to damage structure of fabric. Sweat spots – some of the most hardly removed spots. Besides, some products demand special care.

It is required to you

  • Vinegar, water, table salt, hyposulphite, liquid ammonia, drill, gasoline, acetone, quality stain remover


  1. The universal way is to prepare solution. To dissolve one tablespoon of vinegar in one glass of water. Pour out the received liquid on spot. It is necessary to make this procedure on dry clothes. Pour on spot, leave for hour, then wash in the habitual way. There will be neither left spot, nor sweat smell on clothes.
  2. You can remove fresh spots of sweat from your clothes by means of the following solution. Dissolve one tablespoon of table salt in glass of water and wipe the problem place. Also hyposulphite solution will approach. Add one teaspoon of hyposulphite to glass of water and do most too. If you need to remove sweat spots from white cotton or linen clothes, then it is the best of all from table salt to add teaspoon of liquid ammonia and teaspoon to solution drills, to apply on spot, then wash away water. It is possible to remove spot from woolen thing by means of gasoline or acetone.
  3. In shops great variety of goods which with ease will cope with sweat spots. Buy quality stain remover, pour it on the problem site, leave for some time, then, for achievement of bigger result, boil your thing.

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