How to wind hair on hairpins

How to wind hair on hairpins

Depending on personal preferences it is possible to wind hair, having used set of various ways. For example, you can become the owner of beautiful and very unusual curls if to twist hair, using usual hairpins for hair.

It is required to you

  • - hairpins
  • - invisible beings
  • - iron for hair straightening


  1. To protect hair from negative impact of high temperatures, before the procedure process hair any protectant. For example, it can be the protective conditioner or means for laying with heat-resistant properties. Further it is necessary to wait until hair are only slightly damp or completely will dry.
  2. Accurately stretch the ends of hairpin in the parties then pass through it thin lock and bring up her most close to roots of hair. Wrap hair around hairpin in curls in the form of the eight – serially bend around one its end, the second. On the last rounds tighten lock stronger that the hairpin has returned to initial look.
  3. Pin up lock at distance about 2.5-3 cm from the ends, after that record hair the invisible being so that she has settled down along hairpin in the middle of "eights", and its ends were on the opposite side from the ends of hairpin.
  4. By such principle wind all hair, without forgetting to watch at the same time that tips of hair as then laying will look inaccurately were not beaten out. If you are owner of fluffy hair, you should moisten hair, to twirl locks in the form of weak plaits but only then to wind them. But in that case it is worth using the iron after hair completely dry.
  5. When all hair are wound, take the iron and serially press it each lock twirled on hairpin for 2 seconds. If you want curls to be more resistant – you can hold hair up to 5 seconds. It is necessary to remove from the invisible being's hair with hairpins only after hair completely cool down.
  6. Not to destroy structure of curls – do not comb hair, and just accurately divide locks hands. If you want to give to hairstyle volume – you can comb some lower locks slightly. Then twirl part of hair in temples in the form of small rollers and record them by means of hairpins. At will you can add this hairstyle with volume flower also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team