How to wind on large hair curlers

How to wind on large hair curlers

Hair curlers are to the old and checked by the device for giving hair of desirable forms. And, with their help it is possible not only to receive elastic curls, but also to straighten the hair curling by nature. How to wind hair on large hair curlers?


  1. Large hair curlers can be used for long hair practically any type - direct, wavy or curly. However, the effect of turning will differ a little. As a rule, on straight hair of hair curlers of large diameter use for giving to hairstyle of necessary volume. You should not expect that as a result you receive waves or hard curls. Owners of wavy or curly head of hear apply this type of hair curlers if necessary to straighten hair.
  2. Wash up hair and dry them by means of towel or the hair dryer and brush. Slightly you will sprinkle fixer.
  3. Begin to wind hair from the middle of the head. By means of the handle of hairbrush separate triangular lock on the top. It has to be already, than length of hair curlers. To reduce drying time, try to take not too thick locks.
  4. Delay hair, having arranged them it is perpendicular to the surface of the head, and carefully comb. Apply tips to hair curlers and, pressing finger, densely twist until the coil does not nestle on the surface of the head. Make sure that the roller lies on the head, densely adjoining roots of your hair. Try not to pull lock and not to twist it too hardly - it can weaken roots of hair and lead to their loss.
  5. Fix hair curlers by means of hairpin, having thrust it at an angle in 45 degrees so that the tip of adaptation has rested against head skin. It is necessary to insert hairpins against the direction of turning - if the lock is twirled inside, then the hairpin is inserted from above and is directed to the head. If outside - the hairpin has to look strictly down.
  6. Wind the remained locks by analogy. If necessary humidify the dried-up locks from spray.
  7. Wait for full drying of hair. Accurately remove hair curlers and comb hair. Fix hairstyle, having applied on it varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team