It is necessary to lose weight quickly? Go to bath!

It is necessary to lose weight quickly? Go to bath!

As the national proverb, bath not only body says, but also cleans soul. Bathing procedures - also great way to get rid of two-three of extra kilos. The offered simple rules will help you to lose quickly weight in the Russian bath in only several hours.

It is required to you

  • Bath broom, sheet, mitten, scales.


1. Before bathing procedures be surely weighed that you could compare figures before and after.

2. Before coming into steam room, postoyta under warm shower several minutes. Having come into sweating room, lie down 5-10 minutes to be warmed a little.

3. Return to locker room and have a rest about 10 minutes. Try to forget about all problems, focus on the feelings, would provide what you wanted to see the body.

4. In the following calling go to sweating room with broom. At first sit some time below, yet there will be no plentiful sweat, and then sit down on the average shelf and steam broom all body. Pay special attention to back, hips, buttocks.

5. In five minutes go down from the average shelf and several minutes stay below. Erase sweat woolen mitten and properly to promassiruyta skin on problem places. It perfectly helps with fight against cellulitis and subcutaneous fat.

6. Rinse body with warm water, move and go to locker room a little. Here wind body with bathing sheet and sit so about ten minutes. As soon as the sheet becomes damp, change it for dry.

7. In such mode you come into sweating room four more times. But it is not obligatory to take a steam bath broom any more, it is possible just to lie down in the bottom of about 5-8 minutes.

8. Having made the last calling steam room, be wound with damp sheet and sit so 1-2 hours on the average or lower shelf.

9. Be rinsed with warm water, put on cotton linen and go home. Try not to drink a lot of liquid after steam room. One-two glasses of tea or grass infusion will be quite enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team