How to install a free antivirus

How to install a free antivirus

Except paid antivirus software which full work is carried out only after purchase of a license key there are also their free analogs having the similar functions and capable at the high level to define potential threat for the computer.

Choice of the antiviral program

For loading of a free antivirus for a start you will need to decide on the version of the necessary program for fight against malicious software.

Among free antivirus software select Avast!, Avira, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials, the last are included into the list of the preset programs for Windows 8. Avast! represents a large number of means which allow to block the malware of absolutely different type. The antivirus allows to check mail attachments in your letters, to correct system vulnerabilities and to block programs depending on their behavior in a system.

Free antivirus software exceed some paid analogs in opportunities.


Avira – a new package of the free software which is aimed at fight against viruses and the infected files on the Internet. AVG has similar Avast! the functionality also does not affect high-speed performance of the operating system. Advantage of Microsoft Security Essentials is the full integration in a system, however the program is responsible only for definition of viruses and has no configured operation modes.

Look through each antivirus software on the Internet and if necessary study various reviews. Depending on the required functionality make a choice towards any given antivirus software.

Downloading and installation

Pass to the website of the selected antivirus and use the section "Download" or "Loading". In this section you will see the list of versions, available for downloading. Select the newest program, having clicked on the corresponding link on the page. After that wait for the beginning of downloading and completion of loading of the install file.

Before installation new make removal of an old antivirus if it is installed on your computer.

Open the program, having double-clicked on the file received after loading. You will see an installer window which will help you to complete installation by means of instructions on the screen. Select the necessary parameters and wait for the end of unpacking of files of the program.

After emergence of the corresponding notification the installation will be completed and the antivirus will be automatically started in a system. If you want to make advanced settings of the program, use a label of start of the antiviral program on a desktop or the menu which is available when clicking on the corresponding icon in a system tray.

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