What is firewall

What is firewall

Safe use by resources of the Internet always is under the threat, there is a large number of the malicious applications created for theft of confidential data of users. To be secured against similar threats, on the computer Firewall is installed.

Features of work of fayervoll

Fayervoll is a kind of antivirus software, essential reducing risks for the computer and its user from stay in the Internet. Like normal antiviruses, they have own base of signatures which is also updated by means of the Internet. Firewall conducts continuous monitoring of the current connection to the Internet and also all programs which work with network at the moment.


In the majority of modern fayervoll the list of safe processes which contacting network does not represent to the computer and the user of any danger is already sewed. These are different office and system programs, software license products of the large companies, etc. It is allowed to expand this list.


Use of fresh versions of fayervoll and the last bases of anti-virus signatures provides safe stay of the user in the Internet. Otherwise the computer can be subjected to the hacker attack by means of the harmful attacks. At best it will lead to system operation violation. In the worst the malefactors will get access to confidential data about payments, licenses, passwords, etc.

Types of fayervoll

First, they are both paid, and free. There are no essential differences between them, actually. Often paid and free versions of the same fayervoll differs in existence technical support, lack of pop-up advertizing messages, application of additional options, etc. It is possible to refuse all this if the user is rather experienced.

Secondly, fayervolla can change or not change setting of network by default. It is connected with desire of the developer to secure the user from all directions, but in practice it often leads to what he is banal cannot go online. Therefore this option should using with care.

Thirdly, these programs can exist as separately, and together with an antivirus. The last option has a number of advantages, such as economy of resources of a system, unification of anti-virus base, the improved interaction synchronization, etc. Especially known paid package of the similar software is Kaspersky Internet Security, however there are also free packages published by Comodo, Avira, Panda and other famous developers. They also release fayervolla separately.

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