Masks for dry hair in house conditions

Masks for dry hair in house conditions

When dry hair lack the sufficient level of moisture, they lose the texture and gloss. Here the best masks for dry hair prepared in house conditions which will help to return moisture to hair and will make them elastic and silky.


1. Heat a little olive oil and apply on hair and head skin. Softly mass within 15 minutes. Put on hat for shower and leave for the night. The next morning, wash hair. Carry out several times a week.

2. Add 1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil to avocado puree. Carefully rub this structure on hair and wrap towel. Then as usual wash away. Repeat several times a day, and you will notice result as soon as possible.

3. Mix the apple cider vinegar, cocoa powder and yogurt which is not containing sugar. This mix should be rubbed in head skin and to wrap towel. You hold so within several minutes and then wash away warm water.

4. Make mix, having mixed almond oil and eggs. Apply on hair. Put on polyethylene hat and wrap up the head with towel. You hold on hair within half an hour.

5. Dissolve a little gelatin in glass of water. Apply this solution on moist hair. Wait a little, and then wash hair with warm water.

6. Take half of cup of gel of aloe belief, 2 teaspoons of oil of lavender, a little ground trigonella and powder of basil. Mix these ingredients and rub in moist hair. Put on hat, wrap towel and leave for the night. The next morning wash the head.

7. Mix sesame oil and the crushed ginger before formation of paste. Gently rub the received paste in head skin. Wrap towel and leave for hour. Then wash up hair usual shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team