Massage by dry brush in fight against cellulitis

Massage by dry brush in fight against cellulitis

On the street summer, there is a wish at the sea. But uneven skin of hips and stomach do not allow you to feel beautiful in bathing suit? If you have tried several ways on fight against cellulitis and nothing helps, the dry brush from cellulitis can be that way which will not bring. This brush will help not only to remove dead cells from different parts of the body, it will also improve blood circulation and will present you equal and smooth skin.

For a start it is necessary to be defined what brush to choose to achieve desirable result. It should not scratch skin at all, even small reddenings on body allow to understand that bristle too rigid. Therefore do not choose brush with synthetic fibers, only natural fibers will be suitable for sensitive and gentle skin. Forms of brushes exist different, here already the choice for you. It is possible to choose round in form which has special fastenings for palm, just on the handle or on the removable handle. 

How it is correct to do massage by dry brush?

  • It is the best of all to carry out the procedure in the morning, but it is possible to do and in the evening, before going to bed. 
  • Before beginning cleaning, be convinced that skin and brush dry. 
  • Beginning anticellulite "operation", you always watch that your movements have been directed in the direction of heart (i.e. up) that will promote improvement of work of lymphatic system. 
  • Begin with wide and quiet movements, moving from anklebones to upper body. Here better you should not do movements by circle or up-down. 
  • You should not clean problem zones at once, it is necessary to warm for a start all body, only then to start problem sites. 
  • Cleaning takes 5-10 minutes then it is necessary to take shower. 
  • Later it is necessary to moisturize the skin the corresponding cream.

The dry brush is intended not only for women who want to remove "orange-peel". Even if you have no such problems, the dry brush should be got if you want to clean and tone up skin effectively. After cleaning, time opens, dead cages are removed that allows skin to breathe. To crown it all, thanks to brush it is possible to reduce use of cosmetics to minimum that is very important for girls with sensitive skin. Result from the procedure it is possible to see minimum in week on condition of regular use. Dry cleaning will also improve work of kidneys, lymphatic system and blood circulation. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team