Nail care: what tools to use?

Nail care: what tools to use?

Beautiful well-groomed nails give to female hands beauty and draw attention to gentle fingers and graceful wrists. Unfortunately, not all women can regularly visit beauty shop: someone lacks time, to someone – money. However you can look after nails in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to get useful manicure accessories. What?


1. Tweezers for nails are necessary for accurate processing of cuticle. During the work with this tool be extremely careful not to injure gentle skin of fingers.

2. Pusher – the irreplaceable device for modeling of hole of nail. By means of this convenient tool you will be able easily to remove cuticle and to slightly raise it. Pick up option of convenient form which suits you.

3. Nail buffer – special and very convenient nail file. The rectangular shape of this tool allows to carry out necessary manipulations extremely easily. By means of nail buffer you will be able quickly to give to nails the desirable form and qualitatively polish them. If you not always use varnish, then before exit from the house just use this adaptation, and your nails will begin to look very accurately and beautifully.

4. Refuse the metal nail files injuring skin around nails and nails too which from influence of metal are damaged and exfoliate. Use soft nail file or option from glass and you always carry it with yourself in handbag. So you will be able to correct manicure at any time.

5. Look after cuticle, using emollient oils. These means nourish and moisten skin around nails thanks to what manicure keeps much longer. Use emollient oil every time before putting varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team