Nutritious mask from kefir for hair

Nutritious mask from kefir for hair

Kefir makes surprising impact on head of hear: it strengthens hair, feeds and humidifies, restores their structure and also clarifies hair. On the basis of this fermented milk product in house conditions prepare remarkable masks.

If hair slowly grow, it is absolutely optional to feed up them expensive cosmetics: it is enough to indulge of them with kefiric mask. For its preparation it is necessary to take: - 1 tablespoons of castor or burdock oil; - 3 tablespoons of fermented milk product.

Components carefully mix then apply the bulk of the turned-out mix on radical system, and the remained means – on locks. To strengthen action of kefiric mask, put on plastic bag and woolen cap the head. Wash away nutritious means in half an hour after drawing by warm water with soft shampoo. To get rid of not palatable kefiric smell, recommend to rinse hair with the acidified cool water (on 1 l of water take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice).

That house kefiric masks have brought the maximum benefit, recommend to do them at least two times a week for 1-1.5 months in a row.

For moistening of too dry hair and giving of magnificent gloss to them use nutritious kefiric mask as a part of which there are following components: - 3 tablespoons of kefir; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - egg yolk. Oil is mixed with slightly warmed up fermented milk product and the yolk which is shaken up before formation of gentle foam. Further mix is applied on head of hear, covering it from roots to tips, and warm the head terry towel. In hour the kefiric mask is washed away warm water with shampoo. The nutritious means prepared according to the following recipe for which will be necessary will help to strengthen the weakened hair: - egg yolk; - 200-230 ml of fermented milk product; - 1 tablespoons of ground cinnamon. The kefir which is warmed up on water bath up to the comfortable temperature is mixed with slightly shaken up yolk and cinnamon. Then the ready structure with massage movements is applied on clean hair and head skin and leave nutritious means for 38-40 minutes. Wash away kefiric mix warm water and small amount of soft shampoo.

For strengthening the actions of kefiric masks are recommended to take during the cosmetic procedures fermented milk product inside.

Perfectly feeds hair and the mask prepared from the following components allocates them with smart volume: - 100 ml of kefir; - 1 tablespoons of blue cosmetic clay. Clay and kefir are connected and carefully mixed. After nutritious mix distribute on hair, warm the head terry towel and leave kefiric mask for 28-30 minutes. Wash away this gruel warm water with soft shampoo. In fight against dandruff the kefiric mask prepared from such set of products is effective: - 100 ml of fermented milk product; - small amount of crumb of black bread; - 1 tablespoons of olive or burdock oil. Bread is filled in with kefir and left for 8-10 minutes, then mix is enriched with oil and carefully mix all components. The ready nutritious structure is rubbed in radical system then the head is covered with food wrap and warmed. After 20-25 minutes kefiric weight is washed away warm water with shampoo.

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