Red pepper from cellulitis

Red pepper from cellulitis

Celite – the ruthless enemy: it does not spare young ladies, I will give at solid age. But he can be defeated. For this purpose recommend various anti-cellulite programs. For example, in fight against "orange crust" red pepper can be used.

The main advantage of burning pepper – its ability to stimulate blood circulation in upper hypodermic. The amplified blood circulation accelerates process of removal from organism of slags and excess liquid and also "burns" subcutaneous fat.

As a rule, at fight against "orange crust", red pepper is used as the making component of anti-cellulite mask. In certain cases instead of hot pepper take pepper tincture which can be bought or made most. To make pepper tincture, such components will be necessary: - 1 part of ground pepper;

- 10 parts of alcohol.

Mix is filled in in capacity from dark glass which is densely corked and placed for week in the cool dark place. Then infusion is filtered. For sensitive skin recommend to take vegetable oil instead of alcohol: at the expense of this component, tincture will turn out softer.

Hot pepper with cinnamon – cellulitis medicine number one

Prepare anti-cellulite mix from the following components: - 2 tablespoons of ground pepper; - 5-6 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon; - several drops of essential oil of citrus. Hot pepper is mixed with cinnamon and vegetable oil then enrich rattling weight with aromatic oil. Take hot shower, then apply anti-cellulite mix on the steamed-out body. For strengthening of effect recommend to wrap body food wrap and to be covered with blanket. Hold this mask of 15-17 minutes then wash away and cover body with anti-cellulite cream.

Coffee and pepper mix from cellulitis

Recipe of this anti-cellulite means is as follows: - 2-3 tablespoons of coffee thick; - 3 tablespoons of pepper tincture; - several drops of olive oil; - 1-2 tsps of honey. Formulation components carefully mix then the anti-cellulite mask is rubbed in the steamed-out skin of problem zones. Wrap from above body in food wrap and are covered with plaid. No more than 13 minutes hold such mask. If you have sensitive skin, you should not hold mix more than 7 minutes. After washing off of coffee and pepper mix apply anti-cellulite cream to skin.

"Rattling" mask for fight against "orange crust"

To prepare this anti-cellulite means, use such set of products: - 5 g of nutmeg; - 100 g of honey; - 2 tablespoons of olive oil; - 5 g of hot pepper; - 1 tablespoons of cream; - 5 g of ground cinnamon. Ready mix is applied on problem parts of the body after acceptance of hot shower. For strengthening of effect turn around in food wrap and put on warm clothes. No more than 13 minutes hold mask: you should not exceed time, otherwise it is possible to burn skin.

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